How to have a White Underarms

Every woman wants to have a white underarms especially when you are single and still looking for Mr. Right,  dark underarms often cause  embarrassment and prohibit you from wearing sleeveless clothes.  It is really a big turn off to guys seeing a woman with dark underarms, much more if it don’t smell right. Well if ever your brave enough to wear clothes that will show your arm pit to others for sure you are very conscious when to raise your hand especially if you are student, even you know the answer you are not going to raise your hand because you are afraid that everyone’s eyes will be in your arm pit and not to you. Just imagine how awkward is it.

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Do you know that the most common cause of darkening of our underarms is when they are rubbing against each other especially to over weight people, shaving and plucking can also result to darken underarms  because every time you shave or pluck it  cause damage to your skin so when healed these wounds cause darkening.  To confirm if there’s an abrasion to your skin try putting an alcohol and if it hurts you already know what happened.  Another thing shaving and plucking can also cause  enlarge hair follicles like when the hair  grows back it is quite thick., making your armpit take on the appearance of chicken skin. Using deodorant might help but we have to remember it can also cause an allergy and irritate your skin which results to dark armpits.

The most common thing I know on how to have white underarms is using lime or lemon, just rub it to your armpit 20-30 minutes before you take a bath everyday, I have know it from watching TV shows at home and they are talking about beauty regimen. So if you are rich in lime or lemon you can do it everyday, you are not going to lost anything aside from lime or lemon.

I have not try it yet as before I can used lime to my armpit or knees we should used it first to our food as seasoning. Haha

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  1. Mona says:

    wow, ganda naman .. naku mahal ang lime dito pero we are rich in calamansi yon n lang hehe

  2. chubskulit says:

    If there is one thing that I want to improve in me, that is to have my underarm whitened.. I have dark ones sigh… Nevertheless nagsusuot pa din ako ng sleeveless hahahaha..

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