How to Get Your Child Help in Classes They Are Struggling With

One of the greatest challenges parents are presented with is in knowing how to help their children do well in classes they are struggling with. Usually, grade school isn’t an issue because younger kids are more apt to listen to advice their parents give them, or are more willing to accept help from others, at the very least. However, as kids reach their teen years, they are striving to achieve some sense of independence and may rebel at the notion of getting help from mom and dad. That’s the bad news.

However, the good news is that rebellion is a normal part of development towards self-growth, so don’t feel like you’ve done anything wrong if suddenly your teen won’t listen. If you are struggling with ways to help your son or daughter get the help they need in certain classes, here are some pointers you might follow.

Communication Is Key

Sometimes parents look at a report card and automatically believe their child is struggling with the actual classwork. You wonder why this one class seems to elude them, not understanding there are other dynamics at play here. Learn to communicate with your child so that they will offer up what is going on. Sometimes it’s a teacher who is less than successful in drawing out the best in their students, and sometimes it’s the group dynamics within that particular classroom – in other words, peer pressure.

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Other kids may be the root cause of your child retreating into themselves and you’ll never know unless you ask! Get to the route of the problem before trying to help. Remember the old adage: if it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it! Your teen may very well have mastered the concepts but is overwhelmed by peripheral issues. Academics may not be the problem at all!

Have You Considered Digital Tutors?

If you find that your teen is a bit sensitive about getting extra help for fear of what their friends might say, there are other ways to bring a tutor on board. The internet is a wonderful resource which is totally anonymous for your child. In fact, sometimes these sites are structured much like an online class for credit but are really meant as teaching aids.

For example, if your child is having problems with anatomy, why not let them ‘enroll’ in an online biology class? Find one that provides lessons, quizzes and exams. Just make sure to view site information and layout before bringing this idea to your teen. Make sure it is well organized so that your son or daughter can navigate the lessons and tests easily with minimal help from mom and dad. There’s a very important reason for this.

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In the End, It’s Inspiration That Counts

Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to kick-start your teen into gear. Whether it’s a tutor, a digital classroom or a mentor your child admires, a little inspiration can go a long way toward motivating them to succeed. It all starts with listening, actually hearing what your child has to say, before looking to help them overcome obstacles. Once you’ve gotten to the root of the problems they are having, there is an answer. Start there and the rest will follow.

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