How to Check the Originality of Premium Cigars?

Cigars have always been a part of personality detector and you would have surely notice the presence of cigar in the mouth of most powerful character of most of the Hollywood movie. Embargo had brought a major change in the cigar world but had not affected Cuban cigars market. They still hold a great role among premium cigars. The thirst of cigar had still casted a spell on mass but the biggest drawback is majority ends up in buying fraudulent cigar rather than the original thing. Habanas, though being expensive grab great interest of people and most of them buy this cigar. What is the reason behind this purchase? The reason is too simple and brief. Firstly the taste is awesome and secondly the lack of experience of other local cigars. The quality of this cigar is good and tastes equal to Cuban cigar.

Even these kinds of cigars are contraband but it has no affect on the smokers. Smokers hunt for the cigars in their own way and it is generally seen that they have their own set of place to get any of the popular cigars. Smokers often starve for Cuban cigars which are one of the cigars but their search generally ends at fake or low quality cigars. These cigars also take a lot from your pocket but they are never near the perfection. Lighting a perfect cigar is an exclusive experience and you can only get it by lightening one.

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Due to the embargo you may have not experience a real cigar till now but it is not so tough job. You can identify the real cigar by their colors, labels and the packaging material. The fraud cigars will definitely lack the essence of the original packaging and in no way they will reflect that perfection. The perfect place to check is the wrap, tips and especially to the paper wraps to know the real picture about the originality of cigar. Premium cigars come with perfect mode of packaging and if you are a bit conscious you can judge them easily. In case if you have any doubt about the cigars you are using than in maximum cases you are right. You need to be careful about the entire package and need to use all your knowledge and you will be in a position to give proper judgment. Different quality cigars come with different colored papers and by the texture of the paper you can portray whether the cigar is original or fake one. You may also find list of tobacco shops that offers sample of cigars and these samples come from the sealed packs. Never forget to check seal if you are buying a premium cigar as original cigar always comes with a seal. If you are buying a Cuban cigar than the seal of this cigar is too different than others. You will be lucky fellow if you get the taste of true cigar. You just need to be a bit careful about few things in order to turn experience of lighting a cigar into a sweet one.

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