Great Gift Ideas for a Country Woman

Some gift guides might give you the idea that all women live for makeup and high fashion. If you know a woman who prefers horses and hiking to heels and happy hour, you are probably looking for a different kind of gift. Below are a few suggestions.

Something to Wear

Just because she loves the rural life doesn’t mean her clothes need to be all work and no play, so if you’re thinking of getting her a pair of boots or a hat, make sure it’s something that is as fun or special as it is practical. Country girl belts can be great accessories because they can be worn anytime and won’t get in the way whether she’s gardening or riding the range. Gifts from a company like Gavere Leather that sells quality handmade products are a chance to give her something unique.

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Something for the Home

She might enjoy an old-fashioned quilt, a rug with a rustic feel or a bread box made out of natural wood. On the other hand, she might want to make them herself. If she is craft oriented, whether she prefers sewing or woodworking or something else, supplies for a new project make a great gift.

Something for Fun

Books or movies with a country theme or some country music might be appreciated. If she likes to dance, maybe she would appreciate some line-dancing lessons. Depending on how much you want to spend, you could even get her tickets to see her favorite country singer in concert.

Whether the recipient of your gift is a city slicker who dreams of giving it all up one day to lead a simpler life or someone who couldn’t imagine ever leaving the farm, these gift ideas are bound to please her. Plan ahead if you are ordering online, and allow plenty of time for the gift to arrive for that memorable occasion.

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