Five Things You Need To Do To Properly Care For Your Dog Or Cat

When you own a pet, whether you bought them from a breeder or adopted them from a shelter, you are taking on a new family member that needs just as much care as you show the rest of your family. You can’t just get a pet and expect it to entertain itself, feed itself, or clean itself.

If you want a pet you need to treat them like they mean something to you. If you aren’t caring for them properly it could be considered animal abuse. Here are a few things you should be doing for your dog or cat to help ensure their quality of life.

Feed Them Properly

While you don’t need to buy them the most expensive food on the shelf, you do want to make sure that your pet is getting the recommended food each day for their size and build. You may want to talk to a veterinarian if your dog is overweight or underweight. You may also want to put them on a special diet as they get older.

Cats and Dogs

As pets get older they can develop arthritis, just like people. Then they may need prescriptions, or even over-the-counter medications that can help them move better.

Give Them Love

Your pets need your love. Show them that they are part of your family by spending time with them. You don’t need to cuddle with your cat for hours or pet your dog until your arm hurts, but they need your affection and attention at least every once in a while.

That could mean simply playing fetch with your dog or getting out that laser light for your dog or cat and letting them chase it around.

Take Them For Checkups

Your pet needs regular visits to the veterinarian. They need preventative care for fleas and ticks. They also need regular vaccinations to help them stay healthy and be alive for a longer period of time.

The veterinarian is to your dog or cat what your family doctor is to you and your family. They can spit things ahead of time to help you keep your pet alive longer and determine illnesses early.

Hire A Groomer

Just like you regularly get your haircut and brush your hair on a daily basis, you also want to take your pet to the groomer. Even short haired dogs need grooming sometimes, or at least need to get their nails clipped. It’s also easier for them to bath your pet and keep your home dry!

Don’t Forget Exercise

Fitness is important too. Obesity is just as bad for pets as it is for people.

On top of all of that you need to make sure that you have the proper ID tags for your pet, even if you keep them fenced or on a leash. Pets can get loose, and when they do you want to be able to find them as quick as possible. You may want toget them microchipped, which raises the chance of getting your pet back if they are lost or stolen.

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