Financial Decisions You Should Take Seriously

In your personal life, just like in business, you will have to make thousands of decisions every week. From where to shop to what to do with your career, there are plenty of choices that will impact your long term wealth and financial well being. If you are serious about making your money take you further, it is important that you learn how to make better decisions every day. Below you will find a few areas you should focus on.

Buying or Renting

You have to decide whether or not you are better off taking out a mortgage rather than renting. There are plenty of factors that will influence your decision. If you can’t afford to get a mortgage in the area you want to live in, and a place that is close to your work, you might be better off renting. However, if your credit rating allows, and you can reduce your monthly outgoings by buying a house on a mortgage, you will not only be better off, but also build up your personal assets.

Pension Fund Investments

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It is never too early to take out a pension fund investment account or think about your retirement savings. You need to start early, even if it is only a couple of dollars a week you are putting aside. What will make a difference is the type of funds you choose and the return on your investments. Talk to an independent financial advisor to find out more about the different long term accounts available for you.

Price Comparison

It is important that you take on the habit of regularly comparing the prices of your services. Start with your rent, mortgage, energy, and fuel, and don’t forget about the insurance. Check out to see if you can save a couple of dollars a month on your car insurance. Set up an account with major comparison sites and check regularly whether there is a better offer out there for you.  

Renovation vs. Moving

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When your home no longer serves your life and is becoming too small, crowded, or you need more functionality, you might be thinking about moving. However, think about the possible renovation and adaptation options before you up sticks and get moving. Consider the cost of arranging a new mortgage, removal van hire, and everything else, and see if you might be better off making adjustments to your current home. If you have a relatively new mortgage (a few years), you might be also facing negative equity that will make it harder to move.

Career Choices

You might not think about your career and job as a long term investment, but it really is. If you are working in an industry that is likely to be replaced by AI, or the demand is declining, it might be a good idea to look for alternative paths, so you can secure your income and financial future.

Your financial decisions today will make a difference later in life. Carefully consider your options and make sure that you are aware of the risks and benefits before you make your final choice.

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