Ever Bilena Aulia Perfume Body Lotion (Goat’s Milk)

Being in the Philippines for a long time, and going out beyond the scorching sun my skin turns more tanned than usual. I guess too the lotion I am using doesn’t suit on my skin too, because instead of getting lighter it turns out the other way. So I have decided to try another lotion, this time from Ever Bilena, the Aulia Perfume Body Lotion (Goat’s Milk). The lotion has Vitamin E + Whitening so I am hoping I could get lighter after using it, I have used once when I arrived in the Philippines after vacationing in Africa for a few months. I was too dark then, but became lighter within months being home.

Aulia Ever Bilena Lotion

Oh, well I used another lotion that time but not frequent. It was Extract Papaya lotion, so I am not really sure which of the two lotions suited my skin.

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