EB Naturals Whitening Lotion with Papaya Extract

My mother is reselling some local beauty products and she has a few of them at home and we also use some of them for personal use. When I run out of lotion I tried Ever Bilena Naturals Whitening Lotion with Papaya Extract, they are designed for women who wants to have a fairer skin.  With the frequent out of town trip a few months ago, I became darker than usual so I need a whitening lotion to lighten my skin a bit.

EB Naturals Whitening Lotion has papaya extract that helps remove dead skin cells to reveal new, healthy skin and Vitamin B3 that gently and effectively enhances your skin’s natural radiance for that glowing skin and this product can be bought at any Ever Bilena dealers and sellers around you.

EB Naturals Whitening Lotion with Papaya Extract

EB Naturals Whitening Lotion is non-greasy; it is easily absorbed by the skin.  It doesn’t smell like papaya like any other papaya lotion since it only contains papaya extract, it smells more like a scented alcohol to me when I rub it in my skin.   I have been using this lotion for almost a month and there is one thing I have noticed, instead of getting a fairer skin, I am getting a little darker so I guess it doesn’t work on my skin type so I will switch back on using Aulia lotion, which is also a product of Ever Bilena.

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