Dove Shampoo – Deep Moisture

Using conditioner on my hair is already part of my hair regimen as most women does. Without conditioner my hair feels hard and dry so when I got  a chance I decided to buy a new conditioner. As usual it took me long time to decide which brand of conditioner I am going to buy, so I decided to choose Dove conditioner this time because I also have dove shampoo at home and I think they are going to be a good pair.  Instead of getting the item in the front row I took the one near it.

Dove Moisture Shampoo

When it is time for me to take a bath I excitedly bring the “conditioner” I bought but guess what? I took the wrong one, it was shampoo. I was not aware that I took the shampoo instead of conditioner. It was so annoying, my husband laugh at me because it was not the first time this thing happened to me, with my being choosy I always ended up picking shampoo instead of conditioner.

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