Dish Detergent

Living here in Korea is very far different from living in the Philippines, where you can use bar of laundry soap to wash your dishes like plates. Just the other week I went out to shop for a dish detergent  and of course I picked the cheapest one. And this is the first time I used a soap made of rice starch.


This dish washing soap is good for washing dishes with grease and fat. It can also be used to wash fruits and vegetables and verified by Ministry of Health. It smells like rice though.,

2 Responses to “Dish Detergent”

  1. genny says:

    ganda ng heather sis…dream ko makapunta sa Korea.:-)

  2. anne says:

    Girl lain man isabon ang bar sa plato oi kay manimaho ug sabon mao nang mopalit jud mi dish washing, pero la ko ka try aning imoha ha? hehehe sounds interesting kau.

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