Create a Winter Wonderland Look

Although Christmas is over, Spring won’t be making an appearance until late March. If you’re having a make-up dilemma, or if you’ve just got money to burn after the festive season, head down to your local beauty store and get inspired. There’s still time to perfect your frosty palette! Try one of our favourite Winter Wonderland January looks today.

Snow Angel

Innocent and still sexy, the snow angel involves a lot of light, silver eye shadow. Adjust the extremity of the shade to match your skin tone (swatches!). Pearly silver works fantastically with fair skin and denser metallics complement darker colours. More mature women may want to go for a matte silver, as shimmer clings to wrinkles and makes them appear more defined.

With a brush, layer your silver shadow on to your lid and bring all the way up to your brow bone. A neutral or light colour should be applies to the lips to let the striking eye makeup take centre stage. Flick out your eyelashes with a few pumps of your curler and then finish with a few coats of black mascara.

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Golden Gal

Smoky eyes are always a hit, but instead of using the traditional grey, brown, and black palette, opt for golds, coppers, and bronzes. Don’t go too OTT on the shimmer, as it’s renowned for accentuating flaws. Mature eyelids can’t handle too much glitter, so tone down the disco shadow.

Begin by applying a light colour, such as very pale gold along the lid, then contour with a bronze or deep gold in the crease. Finally, wet a brush and use your darkest colour (such as heavy copper) along your upper lashline to create definition. Blend the shades together for an eye-catching golden glow.

Take bronze eyeliner and apply as close to your upper and lower lashes as possible for a final, intense finish. Soften the harshness with a smudging brush (or your finger). And of course, finish with a few coats of mascara.

Feline Fantastic

You don’t have to be a fan of Angelina Jolie or Elizabeth Taylor to love the cat eye look. Always fashionable and universally flattering, feline eyes are absolutely gorgeous. The bigger your eyes, the thicker you can draw the line. To get this look, you’ll need either liquid or gel liner in black. Here’s how:

Prime your eyes and cover your lid in a light, matte shade, such as bone and then define the hollow of your eye with a moderate colour – you may want to try taupe or brown. Liquid liner isn’t an easy mistress to control, so begin with pencil or shadow as a base to create the outline of your feline eyes.

Drag your liner from the inner to the outer corner, gradually getting thicker as you move towards the outermost part of your eye. Finish with a kick on either side for drama and then shade in your lower lashline.

Tidy everything up, being careful not to smudge, and then apply several coats of mascara.

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  1. Wish I could learn how to look fab hehehe, I am not good in tweaking make ups and stuff.

  2. Joy H says:

    Thank you for sharing some ideas and tips! I will surely keep this tips in mind.

  3. Rcel says:

    What useful beauty tips! I have yet to learn how to apply make-up! This post surely is a great help! 😀

    Haaay tagal pa mag-Spring! Pagod na ako sa winter! LOL.

  4. jheylo says:

    this is something that i should learn. I don’t put make up so don’t even know how and where to start when putting eye shadows lol

  5. Dhemz says:

    I’m glad I don’t have to worry about make up dilemma…lol!

    I learn something new today.

  6. Ane says:

    I have always wanted to learn how to apply proper make up and what type of make up look would look great on me, but having super sensitive skin makes it so challenging. 😛 I think I won’t break out if I use eye shadow, so I just might give this a whirl. 🙂

  7. I like the snow angel over the other 2. When it comes to eye make-up, simplicity is on top of my concerns.

  8. peachy says:

    I think I’m more of the Golden gal..LOL! Will keep your tips in mind next holiday!

  9. melandria romero says:

    wow, that’s really nice , i’m a makeup junkie too

  10. Jhoveleen says:

    I love that snow angel look. It looks so simple but beautiful!

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