Country Bedding – For Down Home Comfort

Country decorations provide a popular and classic appeal to your bedroom, and a large variety of country bedding is available. Place a modern and comfortable foam mattress underneath your covers to create a truly restful bedroom. You sleep better when you have a bed with both comfort and a catchy style.

Decide on a few basic colors before you search for country themed bedding. Some busy patterns are complemented nicely by solid colors. Try combining solid sheets with an attractive country comforter. Use a rustic base and a foam type mattress to keep the setting simple. The lower bed level and more prominent base create a casual look. The bedding should complement the walls and curtains; too many patterns mixed together may distract you. Put up solid colored curtains and accent them with the patterns from the country bedding rather than use the pattern in too many areas. Pillows in solid colors also help you keep the room from looking cluttered. Pair a lofty feather bed with a foam mattress for a comfortable and traditional setting.


Mix a little bit of country with some plain accents to bring a more subtle touch to your room. You can try bedding that depicts a farm scene, animals or just earthy tones. Decide on how many patterned aspects you want in your room, and make a warm and inviting place to relax at the end of a long day.

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