Could £15,000 change your life?

If you were to wake up tomorrow morning to discover that you suddenly inherited £15,000, could this amount of currency change your life for the better? You probably will answer this question with a hearty “yes.” Think of all the things you can do with this amount of money. You can put down a large down payment on a house. You may wish to buy a new vehicle. Perhaps your mum needs a few new kitchen appliances. The list of things you can do with £15,000 is endless, but first you need to have the cash in your possession.

One way to obtain the large sum of £15,000 is to apply for a loan. You can either apply via a bank or one of the companies offering popular  loans. If you want to receive a loan from a financial institution like Clydesdale Bank , you will need to pass certain criteria before you receive approval for the loan. Payday loan requirements are not as strict. The catch with a payday loan is that you need to have a job in order to obtain one of these types of loans. Additionally, if you do not pay back a payday loan on the due date, you can end up paying a very high amount of interest.


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One thing to consider when you receive your £15,000 is whether to save the money in a savings account or invest the money via the London Stock Exchange. If you can find a savings account that pays good interest, you will not risk losing any of your money. The stock market fluctuates widely, so if you do not want to take any risks, stick to the savings account.

Perhaps you are not the type of person who saves money. You may want to spend all of the loan amount for specific items you need. If a new vehicle that uses less petrol petrol will help you save money when you commute to and from your job, then you may want to consider this option. You may not enjoy living in your current flat. You can use a portion of the £15,000 to move into a better flat with more amenities.

Even though having £15,000 can change your life in some ways, remember that your happiness does not revolve around the amount of money you possess. Extra funds can help you to move over a financial hurdle, but supportive friends can assist you when you fall.

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