Contest Freak

Welcome to my humble blog Contest Freak.  I don’t know what comes to my mind why I purchased this domain today, all I know I am thinking the other night to have a new blog for giveaways and contest by using a sub-domain and last night while I am thinking of a title, Contest Freak blink to my mind that I immediately asked Godaddy today if someone owns this domain and the rest is history.,

The domain stays on my shopping cart for a moment because I am thinking if I am really sure and oh well the other side of me won by saying “Treat yourself once in a while”  so this is 9th domain and my 10th blog, my 10th blog is my sub-domain for tweaking themes.

This blog will focus on my journey on joining contest giveaways, the title says it all according to Mr. Wiki, FREAK  – can also denote a strong obsession with a particular activity. And I am obsessed on joining giveaways even though I stop from joining them for few months, so not obsessed then? Lol!

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