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Living  in a country full of strangers is not easy especially when there is a language barrier.  I have no choice but to use the magic of hand language when I am out for shopping, I always find myself in awkward moment trying to speak something but there is nothing else coming from my mouth but imitation of sound of their language.  Well nothing else I can do but carry on with a smile on my face to let them know I can’t understand and I am not a mute either.

I am glad that I have found about Clozette, shopping made it easy. I don’t need to feel awkward every time I want to shop and I can browse a lot of products anytime I want.  Clozette is a powerful  social networking fashion site where women who loves bargain and fashion meet and share their own fashion thoughts without inhibition and resentment.

One of the powerful tool of Clozette is you can create a store  for free  and sell your stuff online to women around the world and you can also take advantage of their FREE Product Listings  to gain more customers if it is your first time to sell online. If you have nothing to sell just create a free account like what I did and browse their fabulous collections from shoes to bags, accessories to clothes and many more. You will surely find something that will soothes your taste of fashion either it is stylish or  trendy.

What caught my attention among the wide selection of fabulous items is the casual yet classy shoes featured above which is in blue strap color.  The heel looks like a trunk of a tree, it is best to wear while meeting up with friends and attending social  functions or events. Clozette is easy to manage and internet user friendly even you are not yet a computer savvy,  so sign-up now to create your own personal closet online and snag a deal with the stuff you like.

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  1. chrisair says:

    wow thanks for this Ive been looking for a website like this one for a long time

  2. claire says:

    Thanks for the tips, now I have a website to look up to..:)

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