Branded Clothes or Not?

I am not really into signature brand of clothes because they are too expensive and can’t afford by small earner like me. And  I believed signature brand has no difference from low class brand or dresses, sometimes they just used the same material and came from the same factory which is mostly in China.

When you are buying a signature brand what makes it costly is the brand in short the name of it, recently we had watch a documentary about  a jeans and underwear factory the manager says they cater different stores, brands and shops in US and other big countries and they used the same materials in every  order they made no matter how small or big it was. From his mouth I have heard that people are paying for the brand name and not really on the clothes itself.

So do you still prefer branded clothes?

One Response to “Branded Clothes or Not?”

  1. Mona says:

    Nope i’m not into branded clothes i wear anything as long as i am comfortable.

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