Books, Dictionary and Postcards Haul from Incheon International Airport

I went to Seoul yesterday to accompany my husband in the airport. He left to Canada yesterday for emergency reason, I didn’t left the airport until my husband’s scheduled departing time. When I know it is already boarding time I left the bench and walk around the Incheon International Airport I bumped to K Books. Stationery in the departure area my plan is just too look for postcards that I can send to few of my friends online, the postcards I have bought in Insadong few months ago were left in the Philippines.

I have found several postcards but they are expensive as expected when you are buying in the airport. While looking around I found a book that interests me I remember an online friend that is so fascinated with Korea so I bought it for her but then I decided to buy one for me as well, gladly there’s two left because the third one is a sample. I also bought a English – Korean dictionary, I am planning to learn few words of Hangul.

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