Best Time to Shop for Women’s Clothing Online

With the ease with which we can buy fashionable clothing online, more and more women are encouraged to shop especially since they can do all the shopping they want from the comfort of home. In fact, market reports say that there has been an increase in consumer spending by 10% for apparel in the US in 2010, and  overall retail sales increased by 0.8% in March 2012. Clothes shopping costs money, however, so it is becoming very popular among online shoppers to target store closings or holiday sales to take advantage of discounts and buy more items for their money. Here are a few tips on how to pick the best days for shopping for women’s clothing online.

According to financial column MoneyWatch, there are specific days in the week where you can buy items from clothes to accessories at a discount. For example, Mondays are great for getting discounts on dress pants for both men and women. Most stores, offline as well as online, tend to slash prices for pants on Mondays since most stores want to replenish shelves with new stocks. You can browse and buy work apparel on Tuesdays to take advantage of discounts as well. According to the column, you can get an average of 42% off from work clothing and even men’s apparel if you shop on a Tuesday.

Moms and women looking for the best deals in dresses can get the best discounts on dresses and children’s apparel. The average discount can total up to 38-40%. Discounts on shoes are also  often given by most stores in the middle of the week. Women can get the best discounts on handbags on Thursdays while Fridays are good for getting jewelry, belts and scarves at lower prices. The average discount for these items is 42% although you can get them for much higher discounts if the store is doing a fire sale.

Experts recommend shopping for other items like swimsuits a few months before summer. Most online stores want to get rid of old swimsuit stocks starting September in anticipation of new swimsuit styles that are coming in. Women can also head out to the online stores that offer the most discounts all year round. These include Target, Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe. The day after the winter holiday is also a good day to shop for other items on discounts such as hats, scarves and other accessories owing to the influx of shoppers who are returning unwanted holiday gifts.

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