Benefits of using dishwashing liquid

Using dish washing liquid is not that normal in Philippines, most house hold uses bar/detergent  to wash dishes especially in rural areas. That makes bar detergent beneficial among families either in the kitchen or in the laundry area, anyway here in Korea dish washing soaps (liquid form) are so plenty and you seldom find or you might never find a house hold using detergent soap in washing dishes especially it is a progressive country.

Few weeks ago I bought another dish washing liquid as we are out of it,  instead buying the  last brand we have used I opted to LG’s Grape Fruit and Orange as it is on sale and less cheaper than the others, and I was not mistaken to choose it as it cleans well and leave a good smell in the kitchen.


Well as I noticed lately I am using  dish washing liquid so quickly, so instead of pouring all the liquid in the bottle I just pour tiny amount to control the amount  I am going to use every time I wash the dishes, and it works effectively.

Anyway one of the benefits of using dish washing liquid other than detergent soap is grease free and  it won’t leave any chalk marks on your glasses and etc.,

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  1. genny says:

    very well said sis…liquid detergent din gamit ko,,local nga lang.hehehe

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