BB Magic Cream from Organic Farm, Lip Gloss and Hand Cream

This is just few of my shopping haul the other day I am already in the counter and line up to pay when my eyes went to the beauty products just beside me. At first I look at the price, knowing they are not that expensive I just keep dropping them on my shopping basket.

Aside from the three kind of BB Magic Cream I also bought three colors of lip gloss and 2 pieces each of hand cream, strawberry and  grape fruit.  I also bought few beauty products that are not from organic farm but I will blog them next time. I don’t know why I bough this stuff when I know I am not going to use them, I am planning to have a giveaway or either way send them to friends or carry them with me as presents to friends and relatives when I go home for short vacation.

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  1. Honney says:

    wow, kainggit naman! hehe. sayang kung di mo gagamitin.

  2. Paty says:

    Hi, i can’t find anything about this brand called organic farm, it’s weird, u know? it’s look totally the packing of etude house bb magic cream, i think this is fake… organic farm doesn’t have any korean website or any cosmetic related.

    • admin says:

      Organic Farm is a Daiso brand, you can buy them in Daiso here in Korea so I don’t think it is fake because I believed big company like Daiso will not risk their store for selling fake items. As what I have found online too Organic Farm is manufacturer, so they either manufacture for Etude House and for Daiso. 🙂

      • Paty says:

        I just found Daiso is a japanese cheap imported goods store, many of their products are from China. Also at this link you sent me organic-farm[dot]co[dot]kr website does not exist. There is no way they manufacturer for Etude House, like i said, Etude is from AmorePacific.

        :/ i never do this kind of thing, but i couldn’t help myself. Please do this oil test, and let me know. 🙂
        Sorry again!

        • admin says:

          Yes they are thrift store (haha), yeah the link is not working I have checked it too what I want to share though is the information I found about them. Yeah I have heard of Amore Pacific, not really familiar with Etude House products didn’t go there yet even though it is just nearby (lol).

          I will do the test tonight have to visit Watsons after gym for oil sheet. Hopefully I could find one.
          No worries, I don’t know a lot of things about this BBcreams and Korean products,. honestly I am still using Ponds..
          Sorry have to remove the link, SEO thing.

  3. Paty says:

    Hello Ryanne,

    Thank you for reply me, sorry for this, but… i really think it’s fake, Etude House is by Amore pacific, this brand organic farm doesn’t exist or it’s some kind of copy even it is korean, why would amorepacific left they but the same packaging to this Organic farm bb cream, i really have my doubts…:/ it’s a trap! please do a test, apply this Organic BB cream on some oil sheet and wait for 30 minutes to hours… if it spread too much oil, it’s fake… no trust-able BB Cream brand would make a BB Cream without a decent website, marketing and ad campaign.Also Daiso in Korea is not a only cosmetic related shop, they sell everything there, from stationery to toys and etc, please only buy even in Korea, at the original brand store.
    I’m worried people would use something like that on their skin, i’m not trying to offend you, sorry i’m just someone who is interested a lot in BB Creams. Thank you for your time.

    • admin says:

      Hi Paty, no worries I wish I can answer you. I’ll try soon once I got an oil absorbing sheet, I am not too beauty enthusiast eh I just buy and collect. These bb creams are still unused. Lol! Thank you too, no harm done 🙂

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