Basic Check Precautions To Keep In Mind

For safety purposes, people avoid carrying that much cash especially if they are having transactions in places that they aren’t familiar with. That’s why credit and debit cards exist or simply the “plastics”. However, they are cases wherein you really need to hand over something as good as cash and this time around, checks are the only solution to it.

Opening up a checking account in your bank of choice, whether it’s for personal or business purposes, is most likely more expensive compared to the usual savings account. The reason behind is that checks can be of any amount depending on what you’re going to write on it and can sometimes be used for fraudulent transactions.

Most of the time, the bank personnel would explain the do’s and don’ts in having one upon giving your first booklet. Part of what so called ‘orientation’ would be the possible lawsuits you would face whenever you would issue a check that has no money in it.

They would also be discussing about the bank charges whenever a certain check would be deposited under other people’s account and you failed to place funds in it before the indicated date. These bank charges aren’t cheap and you would really regret the fact of not taking the dates seriously.

Also avoid placing your signature on your blank checks or you will curse yourself for the rest of your life. It’s a basic precaution that every check holder should bear in mind. If you happen to issue some checks in the future, make sure to print the amount yourself rather than letting somebody else to do it for you.

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  1. Jaime Lacson says:

    First time ko nag ka check last year yung kasi pambayad ng bahay na binili namin sa Bridge Point… advance check yung sakin kaya dapat before ng due mahulugan agad yung bangko kung hindi tatalbog ….lagot.. evry 5th day kinukolekta ng bridge point yung check minsa kamalas malas na tuon ng sunday yung 5 walang bangko the next day before 9am pag bukas ng bank mag hulog kana para makahabol 🙂

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