Backpack from Boardwalk

One of the things I brought from the Philippines for my husband is a backpack. His old backpack was quite old already and the materials are already started to become thin. My mother is a boardwalk dealer so she has few stocks at home and I was just very lucky that she has backpack for men.

Old backpack

She gave the new backpack to me after I told him that my husband needs a new one. It was a Boardwalk backpack with a product name Lukeman Backpack, the material is made from nylon with a size of -L38 x W14 x H38 cm. It is quite small compare to my husband’s old backpack feature above.

New backpack

When my husband saw it, he said he doesn’t like it because he has still a bag which already went to different countries and still usable but  after few days he end up throwing his old backpack telling me that if the new bag is not good I will expect  for something. Lol!

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  1. Food Taste and Recipe says:

    The bag pack seems durable and will last long. The style is fine and can be paired with casual clothes.

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