Aloe Vera and Green Tea Soap

It is our shopping day today and as usual we shopped at Lotte Super. While looking around in the bath section I have found out that they have a new set of soaps, my first reaction is to smell it. The soap smells good and it is pretty cheap too,  $6.92 for 14 pieces of soap.  So I bought two box I thought of bringing them home as present to my family and relatives if our vacation materialized.

Anyway my husband didn’t object because he already knew that I need to buy presents and the soap is also cheap compare of buying 4 pieces  for $4, I am also going to spend my money to buy it so he wouldn’t really care.  I know the orange one is an Aloe Vera soap based on the picture but I am not sure with the green soap but when I used virtual keyboard online and translated it, it is Green Tea soap.

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