A tin tale – new Heinz Baked Bean ad

Have you ever thought about the tins food comes in? They are something that we pretty much take for granted and never really give a second thought to. They’re a great and practical option which ensures food is preserved whilst cupboard shelves are kept well and truly stocked up.

Interestingly, putting food in heated vacuum sealed tins was originally invented to feed soldiers in Napoleon’s armies back when the French and the English fought it out on the battlefield. In those days, the lack of fresh food available to fighting forces led to all kinds of illness and disease and tinned food meant that decent meals were easily transported.

So when the age of supermarkets came along, tins were perfect for stacking on shelves and in the backs of Lorries. A whole range of things from soups to tomatoes and tinned meat, became firm family favourites and their roots somewhat forgotten.

A food that particularly seems made for tins is baked beans and Heinz Baked Beans are the ones we all picture when we think of this iconic food.

These are one of the greatest British comfort foods, if not the greatest, and maybe this is because they are the first kind of meal we learn to make for ourselves. From the archetypal university student to the schoolchild hungry after a day of incessant classes, these are an easy snack that taste great and always manage to hit the spot. Our love of them may begin early on, but continues for some time, becoming our favourite convenience food that happens to taste great and count towards our ‘five a day’.

‘A tin of beans’ is one of those classic phrases we all use, but for how much longer? Don’t worry, there isn’t a great baked bean shortage looming or anything, but there is a great new way to buy them. Heinz has introduced a ‘snap pot’ which is basically four individual sized portions individually contained in a microwavable plastic pot.

There’s a great video doing the rounds online which illustrates just how simple and easy they are to use as well as being super clean and efficient. This is a re-launch of Heinz’s popular ‘ring my bell’ advert which was shown a little while back and remains as true now as it did then.

So have a little look online and check out the new way to enjoy everybody’s favourite comfort food and join in with the snap pot revolution. You’ll never look at a tin of beans on a supermarket shelf the same way again!

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