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US States For Those Wanting A Fashion Career

When you love fashion, you looooove fashion. It becomes everything. It takes over your life in the most heart-stirring, smile-inducing and ethereal way possible. You eat, drink, breathe and sleep it, and then you repeat it all over again. You get embraced by it until that’s all you want to do; until the only career you can ever envisage yourself in is fashion, living the real-life tale of Rachel in Friends. And what do you do when you want a career in fashion – or any industry, for that matter – you pack up your bags and go where the jobs are.

It’s the only thing that makes sense. It’s not easy to leave it all behind, pack up your bags, ask the people at Bekins moving solution to help you bit the stylish bullet and start afresh in an unfamiliar metropolis,  but when the alternative is not worth thinking about, it becomes a whole lot easier to manage.

And to help you make the right decision and the move a whole lot easier, we’ve pulled together a list of states that boast the biggest number of fashion industry jobs in the US right now. If you know, you know, right?

  1. New York City

If this has come as a bit of a surprise to you, it could be worth rethinking this whole “I want a career in fashion” thing because it might not be right for you. There are just no two ways about it: NYC is the beating heart of America’s fashion industry. It’s where every designer wants to be and where every major label has a presence of some kind, be it Madison Avenue or a boutique in Brooklyn.

  1. California

Nothing goes better than high-end fashion and gorgeous celebrities. Not even the cronut. Or peanut butter and jelly for that matter. It’s a match made in sartorial heaven. And everyone in fashion knows this and so it makes sense for them to flock to the highest concentration of famous faces, beautiful bodies and fashion bloggers.

  1. Florida

If you’ve got a thing for sexy style and fashion with flair, then you might want to point that moving van to Miami, Florida where dressing up is not something you do for an occasion. You do it every single day. You do it for the vibrant nightlife and the summertime, all the time vibes. As for the sexy style thing, you need to head to the Miami Fashion Week to believe it.

  1. Texas

If this has made you pull a face, then we may need to remind you that the most stylish woman on the planet heralds from this state – Beyonce. There is no disputing it: she is the most in vogue and fashion person on the planet. Of course, she’s not the reason Texas makes the list. Not entirely. That goes to the fashion companies that dance around here; companies like Neiman Marcus.

  1. Massachusetts

Okay, so if it’s haute couture or high-end design that you’re into, then you might not want to head here. But if it’s active-wear that you want to make your mark on and bring some style to the world of sports, then this is where Reebok and Converse and New Balance are all based.

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Vital Things To Do Today To Make More Money Tomorrow

We could all do with some extra cash in our pockets, right? Well, instead of worrying about it, why not come up with a practical plan for achieving it? There is a multitude of things you can start doing right now that will result in more income tomorrow – let’s take a look at some of your options.

Make a budget

First of all, you can’t expect to have any kind of control of your money if you don’t know where it is going. For this reason, it’s vital to create a budget and stick to it. With the right financial plans in front of you, it’s possible to see where you are spending, and, more importantly, overspending. Anyone can make significant cuts with not much effort at all, and you will have more of your monthly income available almost immediately as a result.

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Pay down your debts

If you are anything like the average household, the chances are a significant proportion of your money is going towards servicing debt. You might be surprised at how much this stacks up. Home loans, car loan payments, credit cards and overdraft fees – it’s a lot of money just seeping out of your account. And given that all this money could be used for your savings instead, it makes sense to tackle your debts as fast and hard as you possibly can.

Make money for your boss

The salary you are paid is usually directly correlated to the amount of money you earn the people you work for. So it makes perfect sense to learn how to make more money so that you get the paycheck you deserve. For example, let’s say you are an engineer for a firm that does a solid job creating, fixing, and maintaining specialist equipment. You are important, for sure, but what if you take a masters of engineering management online course, or something similar? The management skills you will learn will help you provide much more value to your employer, and give you a chance of earning the big bucks. Educating yourself on any subject is important, but make sure it provides value.

Exercise and get healthy

Not only will exercise and healthy eating help you feel better, fitter, and more resistant to illness, but it will also make your more productive. Let’s say you are self-employed. You have a healthy amount of clients to work with, but because you constantly feel lethargic and tired, you end up having to work long hours. Instead, get fit and healthy. You will get more done in less time, and you can fill that space with more clients, earning you more money.

Get an accountant

Finally, get yourself an accountant – it could be the best investment you will ever make. A good accountant will help you get all your finances in complete order, become more tax efficient, and point you in the right direction for the best possible investment opportunities. Simply put, you pay an accountant, but this amount will pale into insignificance when compared to the money they will save.

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How to Get Your Child Help in Classes They Are Struggling With

One of the greatest challenges parents are presented with is in knowing how to help their children do well in classes they are struggling with. Usually, grade school isn’t an issue because younger kids are more apt to listen to advice their parents give them, or are more willing to accept help from others, at the very least. However, as kids reach their teen years, they are striving to achieve some sense of independence and may rebel at the notion of getting help from mom and dad. That’s the bad news.

However, the good news is that rebellion is a normal part of development towards self-growth, so don’t feel like you’ve done anything wrong if suddenly your teen won’t listen. If you are struggling with ways to help your son or daughter get the help they need in certain classes, here are some pointers you might follow.

Communication Is Key

Sometimes parents look at a report card and automatically believe their child is struggling with the actual classwork. You wonder why this one class seems to elude them, not understanding there are other dynamics at play here. Learn to communicate with your child so that they will offer up what is going on. Sometimes it’s a teacher who is less than successful in drawing out the best in their students, and sometimes it’s the group dynamics within that particular classroom – in other words, peer pressure.

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Other kids may be the root cause of your child retreating into themselves and you’ll never know unless you ask! Get to the route of the problem before trying to help. Remember the old adage: if it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it! Your teen may very well have mastered the concepts but is overwhelmed by peripheral issues. Academics may not be the problem at all!

Have You Considered Digital Tutors?

If you find that your teen is a bit sensitive about getting extra help for fear of what their friends might say, there are other ways to bring a tutor on board. The internet is a wonderful resource which is totally anonymous for your child. In fact, sometimes these sites are structured much like an online class for credit but are really meant as teaching aids.

For example, if your child is having problems with anatomy, why not let them ‘enroll’ in an online biology class? Find one that provides lessons, quizzes and exams. Just make sure to view site information and layout before bringing this idea to your teen. Make sure it is well organized so that your son or daughter can navigate the lessons and tests easily with minimal help from mom and dad. There’s a very important reason for this.

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In the End, It’s Inspiration That Counts

Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to kick-start your teen into gear. Whether it’s a tutor, a digital classroom or a mentor your child admires, a little inspiration can go a long way toward motivating them to succeed. It all starts with listening, actually hearing what your child has to say, before looking to help them overcome obstacles. Once you’ve gotten to the root of the problems they are having, there is an answer. Start there and the rest will follow.

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