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Hot Trend: Optical Illusion Dress

In a bid to entice the public of buying their designs many designers want to create the most flattering and glamorous dress to display and present in the fashion industry. Optical illusion dress became a trend now to tone down someone’s curves and trick the eye of public, this type of dress can disguise your curves far from your natural curves.

Most optical style dresses combine two different colors and form an hourglass shape pattern in the center. The hourglass will feature in the light color such as pink and the background will be a darker shade such as black to make it look as though your figure is the size of the printed hourglass, creating an envious slim yet curvy shade.

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Benefits of a Spray Tan

A tan can help you to look happier and healthier all year round. A place like Sun Tan City offers sunless tanning options like a tanning booth and spray tan. You can enjoy all the benefits of having a beautiful tan without worrying about sun damage.

Beautiful Tan

When you visit a professional tanning salon, you can expect to receive a spray tan by experts. This means that your tan will look just right for your specific skin tone. You will not have to worry about your spray tan turning orange or streaking. Instead, you will just have a beautiful glowing skin color that suits you perfectly.

Rose, Flower, Brown, Tan, Floral, Blossom

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Safer than the Sun

When you are tanning outdoors, you can get sunburned and develop other skin problems. A spray tan is a safer way to get the golden tan that you are looking for. You can enjoy having a nice tan without having to spend hours baking in the hot sun.

Fast Results

When you lay out in the sun, it will take awhile before you develop the perfect tan. When you visit a premium tanning salon, you can achieve the optimal tan right away. You can enjoy talking with a tan consultant that can help you achieve the perfect tone. If you are looking for a tan that will offer instant gratification, the only answer is a professional spray tan.

Great for Special Events

A spray tan is a good option for special events. If you want to have a tan that will turn heads and get you noticed, a spray tan can be performed just in time for any occasion. Since there are many customizable options, you can enjoy having a tan that will help you to look your best.

A spray tan is a great alternative to outdoor sunbathing. You can enjoy the fast results and never worry about red splotches or getting freckles. A spray tan will give you the perfect tan every time, and it will last for a week or longer. If you are thinking about getting a gorgeous tan this summer, consider all of the benefits of receiving a professional spray tan.

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Colorful Floral Dress

Floral and Maxi dress was on trend among women, you can find a lot of floral dresses on stores and boutiques. As summer is fast approaching floral dress will make it toll again, while browsing some clothes online I found this colorful floral dress on light colors. At first glance it looks like a curtain or a lollipop in colorful flavors.

Floral Dress

I think this floral dress is perfect to women with flair complexion matched with high heels and a pair of summer sunglasses.

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Grooming for the Modern Man

Today’s gentleman doesn’t shy away from beauty products because many of them are directly for men and their personal needs. If your budget is limited, however, it might be necessary to look for men’s products online, even for those eclectic retro toiletries. Consider some beauty basics for men that please you and your partners.

The Shaving Factor

Razors are relatively expensive, especially if you invest in an electric shaving system. Go online to find razors sold in bulk at reasonable prices. Razors always wear out, and manufacturers know you have to purchase them. Prices inevitably rise because of supply and demand. However, modern grooming doesn’t have to break the bank. You can find razor packs in 20 or 25 piece quantities, fixing your shaving needs with one order. Try different razors as experiments, such as no lubricating strip, to find the best one for your needs.

Modern Man

Scents Draw People In

Aftershave and cologne are often sold as a combined package, saving you from having to buy two separate scents. Many men want to skip the scenting process, but smells are important to keep under control. You can make an impression without even speaking by wearing a bold, but not overwhelming, scent. Simply use the aftershave before leaving the house for an evening out. The scent slowly dissipates, but still remains as people pass close by.

Mask Those Unappealing Scents

It’s critically important to remember the deodorant. If you always forget your deodorant, purchase multipacks online. Place a deodorant in your bathroom, hidden in the car and even one at the office. You’ll always be covered, preventing any unappealing scents wafting away from you. Some deodorants are even difficult to find, making them attractive scents to stand out from the crowd. Buy an eclectic deodorant to feel refined and luxurious simultaneously.

It’s impossible to enjoy every scent you try, so be ready for some disappointment when you experiment with different colognes and aftershaves. Find a friend who appreciates men’s beauty products too and trade amongst yourselves. A treasured scent could be found with just a product swap.

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