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Using Face Sun Block Whitening Cream on Hot Summer Months

With the hot summer months and scorching heat of the sun, skin protection is a must to protect your skin from dryness and darkness. I have bought Nivea Face Sun Block Whitening Cream with Collagen Protect before we travelled for six months and it has good effect because my face didn’t dark that much. When I went home after travelling the sun block lotion I have bought was very useful since we sometimes do road trip around our island. My sister noticed that my face was not getting darker in contrast to her, using hat and scarf so I have shared my secret and I guess it is not a good idea after all because she started using my sun block lotion until it is empty.

Whitening Sun Block Lotion

Without seeing one around, I have decided to look for a new sun block lotion. I have found a sun block face whitening cream from Ever Bilena, enriched with Vitamin E and shea butter and licorice extract to moisturize and lighten the skin respectively. I hope it works like the sun block face cream from Nivea.

Church Golden Anniversary and Instruments

This week the church is celebrating golden anniversary, with this the young people has been practicing for praise and worship songs during the celebration. They are sometimes too loud even at night time when people are already trying to rest after a tiring day. Unlike some churches, drums and other music instruments were used during praise and worship. Sound quality differs whom is playing the instrument, there are young people who knew how to play well and some needs more practice to perfect it.

To add accessory to music instruments sometimes create inspiration and good music, I guess a bootzilla signature bass string should be a good investment for them to get inspired and practice well.

Ever Bilena Aulia Perfume Body Lotion (Goat’s Milk)

Being in the Philippines for a long time, and going out beyond the scorching sun my skin turns more tanned than usual. I guess too the lotion I am using doesn’t suit on my skin too, because instead of getting lighter it turns out the other way. So I have decided to try another lotion, this time from Ever Bilena, the Aulia Perfume Body Lotion (Goat’s Milk). The lotion has Vitamin E + Whitening so I am hoping I could get lighter after using it, I have used once when I arrived in the Philippines after vacationing in Africa for a few months. I was too dark then, but became lighter within months being home.

Aulia Ever Bilena Lotion

Oh, well I used another lotion that time but not frequent. It was Extract Papaya lotion, so I am not really sure which of the two lotions suited my skin.

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