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The Things We Do For Love – Photography Style

Valentine's Day 2015

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner leaving many of us to scramble to find the perfect card, or to plan the perfect romantic encounter. But while this holiday is universally associated with all things Love – how we celebrate Valentine’s Day has probably evolved over the years.

Valentine's Day 2015

At it’s purest form, Valentine’s Day is about expressing unconditional love for the most important people in our lives before materialism had a chance to slowly seep in. But when was the last time the significant people in your life really liked getting a homemade present?

Valentine's Day 2015

In elementary school, Valentine’s Day is about sharing equally so that everyone feels special. Usually we were encouraged to give a card to everyone in the class – of course, that never stopped you from adding a crayon note to “meet me at the swings” on the bottom of the card to your first TRUE love!

Valentine's Day 2015

As the years go by we transition from hearts and flowers to jewelry and romantic dinners. Valentine’s Days become more lavish and involved as they go by. Then we get lucky enough to find someone truly special – Strip Chocolate™ anyone?

Valentine's Day 2015

But when your one and only is a stock photographer, every aspect of your Valentine tradition takes on a new meaning. Valentine’s Day morphs from celebrating the idea of love into the things you do for love … of your photographer!

Man Cooking Lobster -

There is no such thing as a candlelit dinner anymore. Romantic dining gets interrupted for photo ops time and time again.

Lobster and Wine Glass -

Not even the food is spared so I hope you don’t mind a little cold seafood for supper.

Your significant other leaning in close and whispering, “Let’s slip into something more comfortable” does not mean what it used to before they first picked up a camera.

Breakfast in Bed

Heck, even the morning after breakfast in bed can’t escape the focus of a lens.

Kiss Under Mistletoe -

And while most of the world will spend one-day celebrating love – and then return to normal life – no truer words were written than the old adage “With You, Everyday is Valentine’s Day” when it comes to the motivated photographer. Regardless if it’s reenacting Christmas in July or interrupting a deep sleep in January, your photographer is looking for a 365-day a year commitment of love from you.

Snow Outside Window -

So if you are the better half of a photography couple, you have my deepest sympathies. If you are the photographer of the family– take this holiday to stop and appreciate all the things they do in the name of love for your craft. After all, they prove everyday how much they really love you!

Man in Suit Under Water -

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Karen Foley is a freelance photographer and writer. See more of her work at

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Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set from

Make-up artists would find it easy and convenient to use a professional make-up brush set in one package. While it is true that buying the set altogether would be expensive for the beginner make-up artist but the price paid for the set is really worth it. Just imagine buying an individual make-up brush every time you have the budget, but if you calculate the price for each piece, they are more expensive than the cosmetic make-up brush set.

Each Tmart 12pcs Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set with Bag Purple brushes has its different forms and functions so every time you apply a make-up for your customer, you don’t have to fret because you know where they are located. It is handy so carrying them to location shooting or outdoor pictorial would be convenient as they are packaged in one kit. The bristles are made of soft material so your customers do not have to complain of any allergy from your brushes.

Tmart 12pcs Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set with Bag Purple

The packaging protects the brushes from dust, mildew and moist. They are perfect beauty essentials to carry during your trips or when you are having a home service. As a conscientious consumer, buying high quality brushes such as this is a good investment as you don’t have to buy individual pieces every now and then. If you know how to take care of the brushes, pretty sure you will be using them for a long time.

The brushes from are known for its durability and versatility. The handmade cosmetic brushes include three pieces of powder brush, two pieces of eye shadow brush, and individual pieces of fan brush, lip brush, eye-liner brush, eyebrow comb brush, eye shadow smudge brush and oblique eyebrow brush. You don’t need to look for missing brushes because they are easy to locate in their PU leather bag. As a wise consumer, buying the cosmetic brushes in bulk can save you a lot of money.

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On Sale: Nockers and Goya Chocolates

The other day when my mother and sister went to town to buy viand for lunch, they also brought few chocolates with them when they return home.  It turns out those chocolates are on sale, I am quite in disbelief because I seldom see stores in town that goes on sale.

Guess why the store is on sale? The second chocolate that is for free is near on expiring in few months and instead of throwing them when they expired, they put them on sale. Well I guess is not too bad, isn’t it?

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A Shave Can Be a Royal Treatment

Experience more of a outstanding shave when you use quality products that are specially designed and crafted essentials that are superior to most brands on the market. They are paraben free and are meant to make you feel fresher, cleaner, and thus present a more attractive appearance at the same time.

A super smooth shave is a much desired outcome, and you can enjoy the shaving experience when a revolutionary foamless cream is combined with witch hazel extract and shea butter that will make any necessary repairs to your face from problems such as razor burn and also moisturize while you shave.

It is an easy process to wash your face with warm water, use just a quarter-sized amount of the cream massaged onto your wet face, go ahead and shave, and then rinse with cool water.

A special unscented hand-crafted soap, or one with the scent of peppermint or sandalwood if preferred, is the best suggestion for those men who have sensitive skin. The rich lather has no detergent agents but is loaded with powerful nourishing moisturizers such as olive, palm, coconut and wheat germ oils as well as Vitamin E. Also included is rosemary oleoresin extract, a natural antioxidant that guards cells against free radicals. The procedure is to slightly wet a shave brush before rubbing it over the soap until it becomes foamy, wash your face with warm water, apply the foam, shave, and rinse with cool water.

Know that these unique shaves can make you feel like a prince or a king!

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