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When it comes to shaving, the classics may be the best approach

A man’s morning ritual usually includes brushing your teeth, spraying cologne, and, of course, a close shave. The most effective ways to shave could be the most vintage methods, usually the same used by barbers or those that give a professional shave for a fee. These experts use the “straight” forward approach found with warm cream and straight razors.


[Image source /Andrew Dyer]

The straight edge razor is the ideal tool and role model for close shaving. Nothing beats the fresh feeling of a shave and a hair cut from your favorite barber. Now that feeling can be duplicated by men who want to experience that feeling without the price-tag. More companies are recognizing this allure and marketing these exact shaving devices for the man who wants an “old-school” shave. In fact, some celebrities are now marketing their own variations on the classic razor, trying to appeal to a young, trendy audience.

Shaving tools are a competitive market, but don’t be fooled by the fancy cases and extra blades that some may offer. All your face really needs for the perfect shave is one clean blade, some good lather, and a steady hand. If you want to do it in style, check out some of the vintage replicas available from online grooming vendors that will give you a shave just like dear old dad.

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The Biggest and the Best Places for Shopping, Fashion and Style

Shopping is a favorite pastime for many Americans. There are great places to shop in the United States. These places include malls and streets lined with shops. People can shop take vacations to shopping destinations or shop close to their homes.

The Biggest Places to Shop

The Mall of America near Minneapolis is the largest mall in the United States. It has more than 500 stores. Southern California residents can shop at designer boutiques at one of the country’s largest shopping centers. South Coast Plaza in Orange County has more than 200 boutiques. People who live in Pennsylvania can browse through more than 400 stores at the King of Prussia Mall. Florida shoppers can visit 300 shops at the Aventura Mall in the Miami area.

Shoppers who want to stock up on bargains at outlet malls can shop at more than 200 stores at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. This mall is approximately an hour’s drive north of New York City. Southern California residents can browse through 180 stores at the Desert Hills Premium Outlets near Palm Springs. Las Vegas residents and visitors can shop at 150 stores at the Las Vegas North Premium Outlets. There are 145 stores at the San Marcos Premium Outlets in Texas between San Antonio and Austin.

Shopping Street

Shoppers will find streets lined with department stores and smaller shops in several large cities in the United States. New York residents and visitors can go from store to store while they walk down Fifth Avenue. Upscale department stores and specialty shops line Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Boston residents can shop on Newbury Street. Upscale shops line Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

The Best Locations to Shop

Most United States residents do not live near one of the country’s largest malls. They may find that the best places to shop are near their homes. A number of smaller malls all over the country have department stores and specialty stores that offer a variety of merchandise. Alabama residents can buy clothing and furs at Parkway Place in Huntsville. Kansas residents can buy accessories and footwear at Oak Park Mall in Overland Park in east Kansas. Wyoming residents can shop at department stores and large chain stores at Eastridge Mall in Casper.

According to The Travel Channel, there are plenty of outlet malls in the United States. Ohio residents can shop at Lodi Station Outlets, and Florida residents will find bargains at Silver Sands Premium Outlets.

Fashion and Style

Shoppers who want to learn about the latest styles from designers will be thrilled to find that some events during New York Fashion Week are open to the public. People who are not able to travel to New York can attend Fashion Weeks in other parts of the country. West Coast residents can attend Fashion Week in Los Angeles. Those who live in Texas can visit Dallas for Fashion Week. People who live in the Midwest can attend Chicago’s Fashion Week.

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Early Christmas Shopping

Shopping early this holiday season is a wise decision to avoid rush and to buy all the stuff you need without forgetting anything. It is so nice to just to sit and relax while everybody else is having Christmas rush.

Most stores are on holiday sale and you should take chances of this before products return to its original price or the holiday is over. Toys for kids like musical instruments, dolls, miniature vehicles and others are always in a good deal and buying a few extra is also a good idea, you can wrapped them during birthdays, surely a kid will appreciate it.

Travel Destinations for Everyone

Taking a vacation with family members or friends can be a lot of fun. It can also cause disagreements if everyone does not want to spend their vacation doing the same thing. There are some destinations in the United States, Canada and Europe that will have something for everyone to enjoy. Those who want a leisurely vacation can shop and go sightseeing. People who want to spend their vacation doing something active can enjoy outdoor adventures.

United States

Everyone in a group of travelers is likely to find something they enjoy doing in New York. Shopaholics can browse on Fifth Avenue. Art lovers will have a wonderful time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Parents can take children to the Central Park Zoo. Those who want an adventure can take a day trip out of the city to go whitewater rafting. The whole group can meet in the evening for a dinner cruise.

There are a variety of things to do in Phoenix. Golfers will be thrilled to find more than 100 golf courses in the area. People who enjoy outdoor adventures can climb up Camelback Mountain. Shoppers can browse through designer boutiques at Scottsdale Fashion Square. Everyone in the group can meet for dinner at one of the restaurants in downtown Scottsdale.


Adventurous visitors to Hawaii’s Big Island can hike through the forest to a volcano while other members of their group enjoy the beach or shop in the Honolulu area. Everyone can relax over dinner at a restaurant on the beach.


The Edmonton area in the province of Alberta has activities for people with a variety of interests. Visitors can ski during the winter and kayak during the summer. The city also has historic sites and museums. Shoppers can spend hours browsing through more than 800 stores in the West Edmonton Mall. There are restaurants in the mall where travelers can meet for dinner.

Toronto has attractions for shoppers, adventure lovers and families. There are designer boutiques in the city’s Yorkville neighborhood. Adventurous travelers can walk around outside near the top of the CN Tower. Families will enjoy Centreville Amusement Park. A group of travelers can enjoy views of Lake Ontario while they have dinner at a waterfront restaurant.


According to the Professional Association of Diving Instructors blog, Lisbon is one of the best places in the world for scuba divers and shoppers. There are volcanic peaks under the water near the city. Shoppers will find clothing and footwear in the LX Factory building there. Items made in Portugal available at shops in the city include chocolate, rugs and a variety of items made of cork. Lisbon also has historic sites and museums. Travelers can enjoy Portuguese cuisine at a restaurant on the waterfront.

Visitors to Switzerland can ski in the mountains near Zurich or browse through designer boutiques on the city’s Bahnhofstrasse. A group of travelers can get together for dinner in a restaurant with a panoramic view of the mountains.

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Tips For Furnishing And Decorating Your Home

Home is a place where people should truly feel that they belong. In order to reach this state of being, it is important to purchase the right furniture and decorations that reflect your own personal touch, appealing to the ideal setting you imagine your home to possess. If you are a philosophical type of person, for example, the notion of a living room filled with bookshelves and luxurious quality bean bags may suit your particular taste and idea of what home furnishing and interior decoration is all about. Don’t forget to brighten up the room by adding a couple of nice house-plants.

Living Room

On the other hand, you might be a young bachelor, looking to let others know that your bachelor pad is the place to hang and have fun. Your living room may contain an entertainment stand, game system, a wall of DVD’s, and a mini refrigerator next to the couch, providing all the creature comforts in one place. Whatever setting you are trying to achieve with your home, here are a few shopping tips to help you reach your goal.

Considering Your Furniture Needs

Choosing the right kind of furniture can often be tricky, when planning out how to set the mood of a room. Do you want a big fluffy couch and antique chairs taking up a lot of space, or do you want to go smaller to conserve more space? Sometimes this is a question of sacrificing comfort to preserve space, or vice versa. How you choose to furnish your living room, however, is going to have an impact on your ability to be entertaining to others. So, if you entertain a lot, then you must consider that you will need a lot of seating to accommodate family and friends stopping by. If you tend to be more a loner, maybe inviting a person or two over on rare occasions, then the need to conserve so much space in your home may not be such a big deal. But, these are all factors to consider before budgeting and shelling out a lot of cash for furniture for your home.

Barren Walls

One of the most expressive parts of a home has to do with how you use empty wall space. Some people avoid empty wall space by cluttering their home with a lot of tall antique furniture. Other people simply leave their walls open and bare. But, the right pictures or decorative prints can go the distance when it comes to making a room reflect that personal creative or sophisticated touch you always wanted to add. When shopping for decorative prints, paintings, posters, or other personally pleasing wall hangings, shopping online can often save you time and money finding precisely the visual eye candy your desolate walls so desperately need. In addition, if you ever have to move, it is easier to move pictures and prints off a wall than all that heavy antique furniture, which means your back will thank you later.

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Shopping for TASCAM’s DR-05

When I arrived in the Philippines we didn’t waste our chances to roam around Manila, as we live in the province and when my mother saw home appliances for sale she excitedly run to the sale store and we ended up buying a home theatre, sofa set and a floor cabinet. It is a good thing she didn’t see tascam dr 05 or else I will also end up buying it for her.

TASCAM’s DR-05 brings high-quality stereo recording to an easy-to-use portable powerhouse with a size and price that anyone can handle. The DR-05 records in MP3 or WAV format, including 24-bit/96kHz high-resolution audio to microSD or microSDHC media.

Kaylee Black Slippers from MSE

If there’s one thing that that I don’t use to see living in a progressive city in Korea, that is mud in my feet so when I went home to our province my feet is always dirty and I hate washing my feet all the time so I have asked my mother to buy higher slippers.

Kaylee Slippers

So one day when they came home from town they have black slippers for me, higher heels as I requested they bought it from MSE. It was cute and light weight so I don’t struggle when I walked. The upper sole is made of man-made leather and the sole is EVA.

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3 Considerations When Buying Girls Bloomers

If you love putting your daughter in girly clothes but hate the lack of modesty that plagues modern fashion, bloomer shorts are the answer. They can be worn with everything from dresses to leotards, and they’ll preserve her decency without limiting her energy on the playground or in the dance hall.

But what if you aren’t sure what to look for in bloomer shorts? What criteria should you be using during your purchase? Here are just three tips for buying girls bloomer shorts.

1. Consider Fabric Type

Bloomers need a little spandex to help them fit correctly on growing girls, but you don’t want a pair that’s completely stretchy. The ideal bloomers are made with a cotton-spandex blend that combines breathable fabric with a flexible fit.

Bloomer for Girls

2. Beware Puffiness

Puffy bloomers may have looked cute under petticoats in the 18th century, but they’ll just be a nuisance in today’s sandboxes. Look for bloomers that are form-fitting and accommodating of movement. You shouldn’t even see their outlines under dresses and skirts.

3. Make A Hygienic Choice

As a type of under-the-clothes garment, it’s extremely important that your daughter’s bloomers don’t collect sweat and odors. This is partly where that breathable fabric comes in, but you should also look for bloomers that are machine washable. You’ll save yourself a lot of time if you can just throw them in with the rest of her laundry.

These are three things to keep in mind when browsing girls bloomer shorts. Shop now at sites like Sparkle Farms to find your daughter her next great fashion accessory!

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