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Megan Young is Miss World 2013

Filipinos are jumping in joy when Megan Young a Filipino actress and model was crowned Miss World 2013 on Saturday night in Bali, Indonesia, making history as the first-ever Filipino winner of the title. She won over five other finalists including Marine Lorphelin of France, Carranzar NAA Okailey Shooter of Ghana, Sancler Frantz Konzen of Brazil, Elena Ibarbia Jimenez of Spain and Gibraltar’s Maroua Kharbouch, who won the People’s Choice Award.

Megan Young

[Photo not Mine]

Megan is really pretty and the crown really fits her, she is astonishing and marvelous from her catwalk to everything. Well, Megan Young’s winning answer to the question on why she should win Miss World, “Miss World for me treasures the core value of humanity and that guides her into understanding people, why they act the way that they do, how they’re living their lives and I will use these core values in my understanding not only in helping others but to show other people how they can understand others, to help others so that as one, together, we shall help society,”

Congratulations Megan! Filipinos are proud of you!

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Shopping Spree: Benefits of Using Coupons

For women shopping is therapeutic when they are stressed, boring and troubled mind. Seeking and finding the best deals around is pleasure filled experience.  It helps to relax and elevate mood when they’re down although shopping is not all about fun and excitement because everyone needs money to have a shopping spree and costs is one of the major considerations when shopping.

Shopping Spree

Nowadays you can often get more for your money by shopping on the Internet, most shopping websites offer a wide range of sale and coupons that you can redeem once you made a purchase. The infographic above shows how much money spent  by online shoppers and how popular online coupons among American shoppers.

Using coupons when shopping online is one of the best ways to save money and shop more.  There are many coupons sharing websites that can be found online with just one click so if you are planning to purchase something online and your money is not enough you always have the opportunity to browse the internet for coupons.

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Where to Buy Deodorant for Men in Korea

If there’s one item that is hard to find in South Korea that is underarm deodorant for men,  spray or roll on. It seems Korean mean doesn’t use underarm deodorant so if ever you find this item they will be a bit expensive. My husband and I always made sure that we bought few deodorants for men when we are out of the country, like when we travel to Russia two months ago we bought axe deodorant at a local store on our last day.

Axe from Russia

Use of underarm deodorant is one of the best and most effective ways to control body odor and sweating and probably Koreans were aware of this, and with the absence of deodorant from most local stores does it only mean Korean men don’t sweat? If you are in Korea and  looking for underarm deodorant spray you will surely find supply at any Asian Store (World Mart, World Food) around you, if can’t find one Watsons sell Nivea Underarm spray for men.

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Indoor Water Features as Unique Wedding Gifts

Buying gifts for wedding is becoming traditional, most people stick to giving small appliances, picture frames, plates, glasses and many other small things that are useful for newly couple when they’re starting a family. One of the unique gifts you can buy for newly tied couples is indoor water features which they can enjoy for many years and bring smiles on their faces.

Bath, Bathtub, Bubble, Indoor, Interior, Jacuzzi, Light

[Image courtesy of PublicDomainPictures/]

Indoor water fountains are becoming popular as home decoration, it can add freshness and unique style of comfort in your house. If you want to know the benefits of these decor inside your home including on how to choose the best indoor water fountain please visit Soothing Company Blog.

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Importance of Mobile Phone Cases

Buying mobile phone case is essential to protect your phone from getting scratched, damage and even wet.  These cases are a way of protecting your phone to last longer and look better despite the years.  There are different types of cases, they may vary to phone unit, color, style and prizes.

Galaxy S2 Case

When  I bought my phone it has free jelly case for protection just in case I accidentally drop my phone but I am not contented with having it just that way so when received a weekly sale information from Gmarket I immediately look for the case that will fit my phone.  The sale is more than 50% off and I know I can’t find this kind of deal in any store around us so I ordered one case – Hera Black/Hot Pink, I received my order in just 2 days. I am happy with the quick delivery and getting a free screen protection from the seller, the case was very stylish, handy and in good quality. Love the color as well!

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New Clothes on Sale in Gmarket

The other day while surfing through Gmarket I found new shirts on sale, I was hesitant if I am going to buy new shirts or not. I just added the shirts I like in my shopping cart but the next day I received an alert that one of the shirts in my shopping cart is out stock.  I chose another shirt and decided to order right away.

T-shirt from Gmarket

In two days I received it, delivery the shirts almost didn’t turn out well when the delivery guy call and I can’t understand what he is talking because I can’t speak and understand Hangul. Just so lucky that he is able to find our apartment.

The clothes are good for the price, I got them on sale. They are comfortable to wear and on free size.

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