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Samsung Galaxy S4 is the New Trend

Since the announcement and  launching of Samsung S4 it became the talk of anyone. Samsung S4 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung Electronics,  it was announced last March 14 on New York as successor of Samsung S3.

If you are in Korea you will normally see banner or tarpaulin advertisement announcing the presence of Samsung Galaxy S4 in the phone store, I have already seen few Koreans enjoying their new gadget.

Samsung S4 Sale

I am also planning or more of dreaming of having an S4, I am trying to save  money from my reinstated allowance so I can buy S4 in the near future.

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Buying Apple Backpack Online

My black backpack was already old and overly used so I decided to order a new backpack at when I found out there’s a power sale. Yeah right unlike most women I am into backpack rather than shoulder bags, I am now excited to have my new bag delivered to me.

Black backpack

I am not sure but it looks like the bag includes some freebies too. I will surely blog about my bag when it arrives and my review.

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Buy Cheap Melodyne Online

Most people who are music enthusiast are not late on new trends and gadgets either they are cheap or expensive. Buying them is like a prized trophy for these type of people. It serves as their inspiration to be more productive.

There some people who are studying to be musical scorer or member of a music production and surely one of them own a melodyne a music software for basic editing of pitch and timing it also recognizes the notes that are sung and played. If you are looking for cheap melodyne you could find some deals online especially on ebay.

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My New Set of Earrings from Naughy Cat

After mailing our travel documents yesterday I went to Naughty Cat to buy key chains, I am planning to mail few postcards to friend and I want to add key chain on them but I didn’t went out with key chains only. I also buy few earrings, I have not decent earrings so I just thought it would be great idea treating myself few accessories for a job well done on processing my passport.

Earrings from Naughty Cat Korea

Aside from earrings and key chains Naughty Cat Korea also sells bags, pony tails, ribbons, head bands, wallets, phone accessories and other cute accessories in affordable prices.

Advantages of Wholesale Buying

Some of the equipment and tools in the gym are already old, I think they need to upgrade and buy new items in wholesale like buying wholesale yoga mats, dumbbells and other gym tools. Buying on wholesale is less expensive than buying items individually.

Yoga Mats

Cost saving is the primary advantage of wholesale buying, you can get  significant saving over the retail price when you buy in bulk.

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Winning against Impulsive Buying

I went out today to buy one bottle of olive oil and as usual I went out the store carrying not just the olive oil but  a bar of soaps and Kotex sanitary napkin.  I almost buy liquid bath soap too but in last minute I realized that why I need liquid soap when I already have bath soap with me.

Dove Beauty Soap

While entering the apartment building I was tempted to walk more and went inside the snack canteen. I felt hungry and craving for their chicken nuggets but I am able to open the door and forget my hunger. I succeeded for two times today ignoring my impulsiveness on shopping and buying items I don’t need.

Buy Roof Shingle Cleaner Online

We are not yet done building our dream house but we already have a lot of plans what accessories and electronic gadgets to buy. We both laugh after realizing that we are dreaming high, we don’t even know if when we could finish building the house as we have no enough funds to continue the construction. Saving money is always a great thing to do. Working with a great company like Art Roofing Contractors can save you a lot of money.

Roof Cleaning

[Image not Mine]

We are planning to have colored roof, roof shingle could be perfect but I think it is not that popular in our place though cleaning the shingles would be easy because you can buy roof shingle cleaner online with complete information on how to use it.

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Avon Quelch Whitening Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Cream

I first heard about this deodorant cream from a classmate, she told us that it made her arm pit whiter so from using Avon roll-on deodorant I switch to Quelch cream deodorant so I have been using this Avon Quelch deodorant cream since college and I am satisfied with the result, it doesn’t stinks and doesn’t made  my arm pit perspires or turns black unlike other deodorant that feels so sticky and too strong.

Avon Quelch

So even I moved in Korea I made sure I have a supply of Avon Quelch, just two years ago I asked my mother to send me two bottles including the other Filipino grocery items,  and when I went home last year I brought few Quelch with me and now I have only one left so I will probably asked my mother again to send  here.

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Online or Offline – Which Do Shoppers Prefer?

With the rise in popularity of online shopping over the last 20 years, many people have switched from shopping on the high street to online in an attempt to save money and time. Whilst there has been a noticeable shift in buying decisions and trends, there are still many people who prefer to shop on the high street so they can physically see the product they are buying.

The number of research tools has certainly given customers the edge when looking for the best price available. Research recently undertaken shows that customers with smartphones make the most of the apps and review websites available to see what people are saying about the product and where they can buy it from.

What do the stats say?

64 per cent of customers looking to buy electronics use their smartphones to compare prices and read reviews, whilst 57 per cent used their smartphones when buying packaged goods and 54 per cent when looking for clothing and fashion related items.

What this means for the online businesses is that even when customers are on the high street they still have the opportunity to attract them. Being present on review websites and being visible on Google, Bing and Yahoo will help them attract customers to their websites.

Online Shopping

Combine online and offline tools

It seems like customers no longer have to make a choice between online and offline because there are ways to utilise both outlets to help them find the best deal. Whether customers research online before buying or make the most of the various apps and QR readers, there are plenty of ways for customers to combine online and offline tools.

62 per cent of customers buying high ticket items (such as white goods, televisions etc.) will research the item in-store before buying. These statistics obviously don’t make it easy for business owners on the high street and online to keep customers loyal due to the amount of research that is conducted, as customers may change their mind at any time.

What influences a customers’ buying decision?

Whilst customers have different reasons for choosing one product over another, there are some overriding factors that are the most popular amongst customers. 56% of people surveyed said that the quality of the product was the most important, 49% said that free shipping was important and over a third of people said that the ability to return products, customer reviews and how the product looks was important.

These are statistics that companies both on the high street and online should take note of and ensure that they are ticking the necessary boxes when it comes to customers choosing the perfect product.

Karl Bantleman is an expert retail blogger that often writes for, a leading retailer of gifts for men, including Fathers Day gifts and more.

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