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Laptop Bags

This is what I bought when my mother and I went to CDR-King in Starmall she wants to buy memory for my sister’s phone and while looking around I  saw a blue laptop bag, I feel in love with the color so I bought it instantly, my mother wants one too I bought two.

I thought they’re in good quality but in just few weeks of using the bag, the thread or the fiber started to fluff. I tried to fix it but it became more obscene so I just let unfix.

Benefits of Using Yoga Mats

With the stress I am experiencing online I probably need to relax and do some activities that could help me forgot my  work loads. I should try doing yoga and with that I need to buy a  yoga mat which is essential to perform all yoga activities I am planning. Yoga Mats is one the basic requirement for doing  yoga exercises because  it enables you to do certain yoga postures properly and efficiently.

Yoga mats also  prevent and avoid injuries that can be caused by slippery surfaces. You can purchased them as little as $20 both online and land based store. You should buy yoga mats that are durable, comfortable and most of all environmental friendly like those yoga mats that are made of organic hemp, bamboo, or cotton.

Perfume as Gift for Women

One of the excellent gift for female friends is a bottle of perfume, it makes a wonderful gift for women of all ages. Perfume makes women confident and helps them overcome any lack of insecurity or self esteem.

There are different perfumes for different types of women and these perfumes can be bought online as well as in department stores. There are many online perfume stores today so you will surely find the perfume you like though choosing your own scent is sometimes not easy because there are a lot of perfume scents to choose from.

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Gifts to Celebrate St David’s Day

Gwlad gwlad! St David’s day has been around since the 18th century. It’s a national festival in wales, still marked with gusto, where many folks wear either a daffodil or a leek – both of which are symbols of wales.

Saint David of Wales (known as dewi saint in the welsh language), was a Celtic monk who lived in the 6th century and was archbishop of wales. he was highly influential, so much so that several churches were dedicated to him. His special day falls on march 1st each year. this was the date St. David of Wales died, in 589. though it wasn’t until the 18th century that Saint David day was declared a national day of celebration in wales.

Another symbol to honor Saint David’s day is the y ddraig goch (the red dragon, Wales’s national flag), which is flown on many more buildings than usual.

This year, why not show your welsh spirit and feel the ‘hiraeth’ running through your veins with personalized wales gifts? You can rest assured these are pressies that won’t just sit in the cupboard forever.

Travel, Notebook, Cowhide, Coffee Color, Metal Plates

[Image courtesy of qiye/]

Personalized welsh gifts are different. They’re fun and naturally come with a lovely twist. So have a nosey at just a few of the happy St. David’s day gifts up for grabs:

Personalized welsh flag mugs. Declare your welsh pride in style with a mug complete with the traditional welsh flag. not only can you personalize it with any name of your choice, you can also add your favorite beverage and tell the world exactly how you like your drink to be made.

Personalised notebooks. Nowadays, you can get notebooks emblazoned with the red dragon on a white and green background, complete with your choice of name on the cover. There all be a welcome in the hills for these fabulous grunge-style notebooks. you also get to personalize the inside page with a special message.

Spoof newspapers. Hit the sports headlines as the new wales manager and show the world your patriotic side in a spoof newspaper starring you.

Map posters and canvases. Cymraeg a ‘n benuchel! whether you want to bring the history of your welsh home to life or reminisce with loved ones about your travels around wales, personalized map posters and canvases are just the ticket and make great St. David’s day gifts for explorers and geography lovers alike.

Personalized whisky sets. join in on the St.  David’s day gala with a whisky gift set complete with single malts from famous whisky regions, including Wales’s award-winning penderyn distillery. also included in the gift box are information and tasting cards along with a tasting mat – the perfect way to enjoy whiskies and record tasting notes!

This year, why not show your welsh spirit and feel the ‘hiraeth’ running through your veins with personalised wales gifts from gonedigging? you can rest assured these are pressies that won’t just sit in the cupboard forever.

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Five Tips for Women to Succeed In Male-Dominated Professions

Even though women have a lot more rights today than they had in the past, they are stilled viewed by many as being inferior to men. A woman who does the same job as a man will still bring home a smaller check just because she is a female. Women who work in male-dominated industries have an even harder time.

The good news is that there are several things that women can do to succeed in a male-dominated industry. Below are five success tips:

Know Your Profession

In order to do your job well, you have to have a good understanding of your profession. You should take the time to research so that you can find out more about your job. You should also ask questions if you feel that you do not understand something.

Set Short Term And Long Term Goals

One of the keys to getting ahead in your profession is to set both short term and long term goals. You want to set the bar high, but you should make sure that your goals are realistic. I want to be named the employee of the month six months for now is an example of a great short term goal. I want to receive a promotion is an example of an excellent long term goal. You also want to put a plan in action that will help you achieve those goals.

Be Willing To Go The Extra Mile

Because people may already view you as inferior just because you are a woman, you have to be willing to work harder. You should go to work a little bit early and stay a little later a couple of days out of the week. You should also volunteer to take on a new project. Hard work really does pay off, and your efforts will eventually be rewarded.


If you want to get ahead in a male-dominated industry, then you will have to learn how to prioritize. Prioritizing is defined as putting the most important things in your life first. At the beginning of every work week, you should make a schedule. You should try your best to stick to this schedule. For moms running a small business, if you struggle to find time balancing between spending time at home and at work, consider set up one of the virtual offices. You can then work from home while still have someone mending your mail and phone messages.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

You will most likely have people telling you that you cannot do something simply because you are a woman. That can get quite frustrating, so you want to make sure that you have a couple of positive people around you to balance out the negativity.

It is a shame that we are in the 21st century, and women are stilled viewed as being inferior to men. Fortunately, if you have a good understanding of your profession, prioritize, set goals, work hard and surround yourself with positive people, then you will be able to get ahead in your career.

Written by Beth Gadd

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Shop and Use Velcro Tape on Boxes

We are moving to a new apartment soon that means we need to pack big boxes so we can move easily, we surely need good quality tapes so our things inside the boxes will be secured. Well gladly now a days there are different types of adhesive tapes that can be used for many purposes such as duct tape, painters tape, double sided adhesive tape, masking tape ,Teflon tape and velcro tape.

Velcro tapes has been used since 1948,  they are are  popularly known as hook and loop fasteners which is available in different colors and lengths. This tapes  serves a lot of purpose and they are easy to use,  they remain intact until they are pulled apart and considered to be a strong material that has the capacity to hold a huge amount of weight.  This is perfect when you buy items in bulk and they need to be ship to your home.

Saving Through Coupon Chief

Shopping is one activity that I will never get tired of. It is one way of de-stressing that works perfectly for me. But with today’s struggling economy, it is a must for us to find ways that will somehow lessen our expenses and give us big discounts on our purchases. Nowadays, I am more inclined towards online shopping because many online stores offer discount coupons, freebies, and free shipping. I am able to shop and save more at the same time. But if you prefer traditional or conventional shopping, better wait for mall wide sales to avail of huge discounts.

A favorite of many frugal shoppers is Coupon Chief. This is a website where people can look for digital discount coupons from thousands of retailers on everything from clothes, accessories, bags, footwear, appliances, computers, gadgets, toys, furniture, and many more. Coupon Chief coupon codes are guaranteed valid because expired coupons are automatically taken off the website. Aside from big savings, Coupon Chief also gives shoppers the opportunity to earn some extra money through their Pays-2-Share Program. Simply upload a coupon and get 2% of income from purchases made with that particular coupon.

It is actually very easy to use the digital discount coupons at Coupon Chief. First, search for the domain of the store where you want to shop in. Copy the code then click the use it link to be taken to the preferred store. From there, shoppers can then search for the product they want to purchase. Once they have picked the item, proceed to checkout. Type in the coupon code on the box that says promotional code. Savings will be automatically deducted. Looking for a store or retailer at Coupon Chief is fast and easy. Just click the Stores tab and all the stores will be shown in alphabetical order. Their Coupons-4-Causes program gives shoppers the chance to help less fortunate people when they use coupons. The company will give up to 20% of the income from the purchases made to charity.


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Best Time to Shop for Women’s Clothing Online

With the ease with which we can buy fashionable clothing online, more and more women are encouraged to shop especially since they can do all the shopping they want from the comfort of home. In fact, market reports say that there has been an increase in consumer spending by 10% for apparel in the US in 2010, and  overall retail sales increased by 0.8% in March 2012. Clothes shopping costs money, however, so it is becoming very popular among online shoppers to target store closings or holiday sales to take advantage of discounts and buy more items for their money. Here are a few tips on how to pick the best days for shopping for women’s clothing online.

According to financial column MoneyWatch, there are specific days in the week where you can buy items from clothes to accessories at a discount. For example, Mondays are great for getting discounts on dress pants for both men and women. Most stores, offline as well as online, tend to slash prices for pants on Mondays since most stores want to replenish shelves with new stocks. You can browse and buy work apparel on Tuesdays to take advantage of discounts as well. According to the column, you can get an average of 42% off from work clothing and even men’s apparel if you shop on a Tuesday.

Moms and women looking for the best deals in dresses can get the best discounts on dresses and children’s apparel. The average discount can total up to 38-40%. Discounts on shoes are also  often given by most stores in the middle of the week. Women can get the best discounts on handbags on Thursdays while Fridays are good for getting jewelry, belts and scarves at lower prices. The average discount for these items is 42% although you can get them for much higher discounts if the store is doing a fire sale.

Experts recommend shopping for other items like swimsuits a few months before summer. Most online stores want to get rid of old swimsuit stocks starting September in anticipation of new swimsuit styles that are coming in. Women can also head out to the online stores that offer the most discounts all year round. These include Target, Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe. The day after the winter holiday is also a good day to shop for other items on discounts such as hats, scarves and other accessories owing to the influx of shoppers who are returning unwanted holiday gifts.

Start shopping for the hippest clothing for women only at

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Making Money with your first blog!

Perhaps one of the most powerful tools in the world SEO is the blog, a well branded blog can craft hundreds if not thousands of indexed pages over the years, allows for excellent social interaction, and can quickly grow to be seen as an authority in Google not only solidifying your place in the SEO rankings but also increasing client conversions while maintaining a positive corporate image.

Many people out there have the ambition to start a blog, whether it be to promote themselves, their services, their company or just to make money online; and to many people this doesn’t mean going out and working with a nyc seo company but rather heading over to and starting their own little project.

Yet, these little projects can quickly grow big if the right steps are taken, but you have to understand the type of market place you are getting into:

1. Know your market

You should never write about anything you don’t know inside and out. Figure out something you are passionate about and could spend a great deal of time discussing at length and write about that topic and related topics. Maybe for you that’s something like gardening, or home repair. There is a common principle in the business world, that no matter what you do, if you do it better than anyone else you will be successful, so don’t be afraid that your niche could be a small one, there are bloggers who blog about vintage action figures and manage to pull down a six-figure a year income. Write from your heart, write something you know and something you are going to enjoy.

[Image not Mine]

2. Locate your market

Your market is already online, somewhere at least. It’s all a matter of pin pointing where your market currently resides, whether this is on niche related forums, on youtube, on social networks. It’s your job to hunt them down and make them aware of your blog; this doesn’t mean expensive advertising (although if you have some budget the pay-per-click advertising on Facebook and Reddit works wonders), but rather it could be as simple as making a post on a gardening forum advertising your new blog (be sure to read the forum rules to see if they allow such ads first!)

3. Monetize your blog

For many people the simplest and most effective way to monetize their blog is through Google Adwords, who pay you a portion of the profits from every user click received, however for more advanced webmasters something like affiliate links (reviewing and selling someone else’s product for commission) or paid product placement may be a way to increase the profit margins of your blog

4. Socialize your blog

The beautiful thing about passionate people is they become advocates. If you like gardening enough to write about it and share it with the world then it’s safe to assume that there are other people out there who enjoying gardening enough to discuss it with their friends, to share ideas and concepts. These users are often referred to as advocates and they are a huge asset in marketing your blog to new users. Be sure your blog includes facebook and twitter share buttons to encourage these users to spread the word. Also consider asking questions in your posts so that users can engage you in the comments.

Amber Gruen is a marketing associate at a New York Based SEO company
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Stylish Wallet with a Horse Design

When I was younger I am very fascinated with wallets. I really want to own one where I can keep my shackles.  I remember saving my money so I can buy a wallet,  those shiny and colorful wallet.  I am able to buy the wallet I want but I ended without money to keep on the wallet, ironic isn’t it?

I found this wallet (above) so stylish and colorful. The horse design is quite unique and fabulous, I would like to buy one but like the old times I have no money to keep on this wallet.

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