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Black Bag for Traveling

My husband needs a bag so we bought one tonight in the market, his old blue bag was thrown already. It has holes already and ripped off as well, I think it was not handled properly in the plane.

The bag store we went to has a lot of stocks from backpack to duffel bags, body bags and shoulder bags. My husband like a duffel sports bag where you will just carry it but what I like is a bag that you can put on your back and the moment I saw the bag above I know it is already the right bag because he doesn’t like those colorful backpacks.

Books, Dictionary and Postcards Haul from Incheon International Airport

I went to Seoul yesterday to accompany my husband in the airport. He left to Canada yesterday for emergency reason, I didn’t left the airport until my husband’s scheduled departing time. When I know it is already boarding time I left the bench and walk around the Incheon International Airport I bumped to K Books. Stationery in the departure area my plan is just too look for postcards that I can send to few of my friends online, the postcards I have bought in Insadong few months ago were left in the Philippines.

I have found several postcards but they are expensive as expected when you are buying in the airport. While looking around I found a book that interests me I remember an online friend that is so fascinated with Korea so I bought it for her but then I decided to buy one for me as well, gladly there’s two left because the third one is a sample. I also bought a English – Korean dictionary, I am planning to learn few words of Hangul.

White Laundry Soap

Laundry soap in Korea is really quite different from most laundry soap that are strong and with nice scent. The other day we bought laundry soap,  I used it when I wash under garments. We wash our clothes in washing machine but I am used of washing small pieces by hands,  I thought this soap would be on lime flavor but it turns out it is not. It is just ordinary soap without scent and just  a plain white soap no strong mixture that could harm my hands.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shopping Online

Shopping online has been one of the trending topics online. Since a lot of companies do sell varieties of products online and at the same time, offer great deals compare in retails stores. No wonder why most of people prefer to buy online instead. However, buying online has pros and cons one should know because not all around internet world are safe. With that, people should be practical before purchasing online.

Meanwhile, this post will share the advantages and disadvantages of shipping online especially to those who are fond of doing so.

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Advantages of Shopping Online:

  • It’s easy to access. No need for us to go anywhere.
  • Mostly, companies offer free shipping.
  • Availing coupon codes online are easier compare in having deals or coupons to use in retail or department stores.
  • Varieties of products can be chosen.
  • There are more shopping stores to choose for.
  • Various types of products can be selected.

However, if there are advantages… there are disadvantages as well. Take time to read below.

Disadvantages of Shopping Online:

  • Tax is one of the possible problems especially if it comes from international shop.
  • The shipping fee (if you live outside the country). Some companies only offer free shipping in local only.
  • The quality of a product, unless a particular shop guarantees good quality and as well, if a person is good in searching for reviews online.
  • The fitting and the sizes of the products. This is one of the reasons why others don’t prefer to buy online. Unless, if a particular product or brand has reviews online.

Those are just some advantages and disadvantages of shopping online. However, not all companies are the same. With that, searching some details such as blog reviews or forums about particular websites is also a big help. It gives less hassle and as well, save time and effort too.

Nail Polish – Shine Plush Nail

Nail polish is quite popular among women, you can wear them on your nail daily or occasionally.  I bought the nail polish below for ₩1,000 each or less than a dollar. My sister loves nail polish, and she is also making money out of it by servicing other people’s nail mostly our cousins and aunts.

My mother told me to buy nail polish that are in dark colors because that’s what they want in our neighborhood so that’s what I bought in Daiso, I usually buy nail polish in light colors eh and when I don’t use them I send them home. Shine Plus Nail is a product of Organic Farm.

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