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10 Dollar Mall

I have recently stumbled to a shopping site online where all the items cost $10 and below. I have look around and I found a lot of interesting products from cheap bags to clothes and perfume. The perfumes like Paris, Regina, Ellena and many more are quite cheap they only cost $4.99 with free shipping.

I have thought of ordering few but during check-out I have found they don’t ship yet to other countries only to US, Australia and Canada and I think they only accept credit card for payment which is sad to say I don’t have. Hopefully sooner they can ship overseas and accept paypal as payment.

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Being Broke

It’s been a while since my last post here, I have nothing else to share I have not been going out and buying anything these past few days. I am broke, I just mailed the package home and guess what some of the items are stolen.

Anyway I have a lot of to do list, I want to send somethings to friends but my cash is not enough.  Sometimes I wish I had  a job here, I earned online but I can’t withdraw them so I am sending them all to my family which is also good because it is a big help for them and for our current project, to build a house.

The bad thing about being broke is when you felt like you want to eat something but you can’t buy it because you have nothing in your pocket, waahhh.

Rompers or Baptismal Gown

My high school classmate was happened to be my first cousin’s wife and they are asking me to be one of the God parent’s of their first child. Well who can say no to this, so right now I am already planning what should be my gift for their baby on her birthday and baptismal day.

I am thinking of buying baptismal gown or just rompers for her daily use, I already know where to buy affordable rompers online one of my FB friend has this kind of business, if you are not familiar a romper suit is a one-piece garment worn by children and sometimes women. It is coverall which is a combination of shorts and shirts, has shorter legs and with garter at the end.