Avon Quelch Whitening Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Cream

I first heard about this deodorant cream from a classmate, she told us that it made her arm pit whiter so from using Avon roll-on deodorant I switch to Quelch cream deodorant so I have been using this Avon Quelch deodorant cream since college and I am satisfied with the result, it doesn’t stinks and doesn’t made  my arm pit perspires or turns black unlike other deodorant that feels so sticky and too strong.

Avon Quelch

So even I moved in Korea I made sure I have a supply of Avon Quelch, just two years ago I asked my mother to send me two bottles including the other Filipino grocery items,  and when I went home last year I brought few Quelch with me and now I have only one left so I will probably asked my mother again to send  here.

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Cosmetic Case

This is my cosmetic case at home few months ago, I mean where I kept my beauty regiments and  beauty products.  Most of them are the  beauty products I have from Philippines, you might think I carried bunch of them when I came here. Well not too many and not too few, just enough for my consumption. I am afraid that I can’t find the things I want here so I carry few for own benefits.


I left the big talc and one more item in a lady in Bangladesh who’s family is kind enough to let me use their comfort room.

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Old collections and fashion

I am kind of  fashionista during my last two years in college, that was the time I am full blown lady err what I mean a bloomer. , because if you don’t know yet during my younger years I am boyish. I don’t know but maybe my mother is proud of me so she showered me things abundantly, so don’t blame me if I love purchasing and collecting stuff right now because I guess the photo below is one evidence of my addiction.


We are not rich it just happened that my mother is a dealer of this brand and I helped her by selling items to my schoolmates so expect seeing me at school with brochures instead of books. With this it makes my clothes made from Natasha, MSE, Sundance and Fashion Exchange.


Well if I have clothes I have bags too to much my outfit its either from Avon, MSE or Natasha. Most of my high heeled sandals and shoes are MSE and most of my kikay accessories are from Avon and Fuller life.


My shoe rack, kinda messy huh?  My notes and photocopies , dirty clothes and etc., I am cleaning my room when I took this photo, as you can see there’ box below the dirty clothes net.


I missed those old days, walking in the school pathway with my 2.5 or 3 inches pointed sandals in my skirt and blouse, with my little bag and on fashion accessories. I feel so confident that time with my friends, especially when some schoolmates approached me with admiration.

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