Tips for Designing your Guest Bathroom

Creating a calm and inviting guest bathroom space is a great way to show your company that you care about their visit and want them to feel as comfortable as possible. There are some easy ways you can transform the bathroom into a work of art without going over budget, and your guests will appreciate your efforts so much they will want to keep coming back to visit.

Bathroom, Sinks, Mirrors, Medicine Cabinet

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Color Coordinate

A great way to add a fresh, clean look to your bathroom is to touch up the walls with fresh paint. Choose a neutral color for the walls, but add pops of color with the bath towels, wash cloths and accessories. Some of the best accessory colors that will mimic the look and feel of a spa are pale grays, soft greens, beige and pale blues. You can add pieces of sea glass in a clear vase to accentuate the color palate you choose to go with. This is a simple project that can be completed in an afternoon, but the result will last for months to come.

Pay Attention to the Details

One of the things that sets apart a good hotel from a great one is how closely they have paid attention to all the details. The bathroom is no different; you can create a lasting impression by making a basket that is stocked with luxury bath items, including a bar of lavender soap for the perfect relaxing experience, plenty of bath salts, extra shampoo and conditioner and wash cloths.

Organize and Simplify

In this particular room of the home, simpler is better. Go through your cabinets and throw out any expired items, or items you simply do not use on a regular basis anymore. Make plenty of room for your guests to store their items without having to clutter the vanity.

With a little bit of planning, you can make your guest bathroom as warm and inviting as you have always envisioned. Perhaps the easiest way to tap into your creative streak is to simply look through magazine pictures and select the colors and accessories that impress you the most.

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Grooming for the Modern Man

Today’s gentleman doesn’t shy away from beauty products because many of them are directly for men and their personal needs. If your budget is limited, however, it might be necessary to look for men’s products online, even for those eclectic retro toiletries. Consider some beauty basics for men that please you and your partners.

The Shaving Factor

Razors are relatively expensive, especially if you invest in an electric shaving system. Go online to find razors sold in bulk at reasonable prices. Razors always wear out, and manufacturers know you have to purchase them. Prices inevitably rise because of supply and demand. However, modern grooming doesn’t have to break the bank. You can find razor packs in 20 or 25 piece quantities, fixing your shaving needs with one order. Try different razors as experiments, such as no lubricating strip, to find the best one for your needs.

Modern Man

Scents Draw People In

Aftershave and cologne are often sold as a combined package, saving you from having to buy two separate scents. Many men want to skip the scenting process, but smells are important to keep under control. You can make an impression without even speaking by wearing a bold, but not overwhelming, scent. Simply use the aftershave before leaving the house for an evening out. The scent slowly dissipates, but still remains as people pass close by.

Mask Those Unappealing Scents

It’s critically important to remember the deodorant. If you always forget your deodorant, purchase multipacks online. Place a deodorant in your bathroom, hidden in the car and even one at the office. You’ll always be covered, preventing any unappealing scents wafting away from you. Some deodorants are even difficult to find, making them attractive scents to stand out from the crowd. Buy an eclectic deodorant to feel refined and luxurious simultaneously.

It’s impossible to enjoy every scent you try, so be ready for some disappointment when you experiment with different colognes and aftershaves. Find a friend who appreciates men’s beauty products too and trade amongst yourselves. A treasured scent could be found with just a product swap.

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Learning English Horn for Beginners

English horn is a double-reed woodwind instrument in the oboe family and most occasional players of english horn rely on borrowing an instrument from school or friends because of its expensive nature.

Playing this type of instrument is not easy as you have imagined, it needs determination and lot of practice. If you are a beginner on any instrument playing English horn sounds bad for the first time which is normal even you are an experienced oboe player, not blowing enough air is usually the main cause of problem why players can’t produce good sound playing the instrument.

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Where to Find Jewelry Refining Services

If you are a manufacturer of jewelry, you will eventually require refining services. Where you decide to get these services from will determine their quality and how much you end up paying for them. Therefore, it is in your best interest to look around and do the necessary research to find the best possible provider of your refining services. If you choose the wrong place for these services, it could hurt your sales and negatively impact the bottom line of your company. Therefore, you need to do whatever you can to avoid making the wrong choice. Are you in need of refining services? Here is where you can start looking for them.

Jewelry Refining Services


Talk to other experts in the jewelry industry

In order to find a company to handle all of the refining services that you require, you can learn more by talking to other people who work in the jewelry industry. Find out which companies they are using for their refining. Ask them if they are happy with the quality of the work being provided by their refining company. If they answer in the affirmative, find out the name of the company and check them out for yourself.

You can always go online

If all else fails, the Internet will always be there to help you find a refining company that provides the services you need for a price that is within your budget. You will probably be able to find various reviews of refining companies that you can glean some information from.

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Why Use High Tension Classic Guitar Strings

Just over two weeks ago was my cousin’s wedding, they are living in the city but since her soon to be husband is from our province they decided to tie the knot here. Some of her relatives from mother side came home with them and it was a blast celebration.

Anyway, some of our cousin took part in the church wedding by singing love songs. Too bad for me, I am not gifted with golden voice but maybe if I just knew to play a guitar with m160 I could contribute a little music to the newly wed isn’t it?

Playing a guitar is not easy as it looks but using a guitar with high-quality strings that are designed for daily use it won’t be a problem because it is easier on the fingers and has a clear tone.

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Benefits Of Using A Brush On The Face

If you want a smooth feel to your face, consider facial brushes. There are a few different kinds you can purchase, and there are various benefits aside from a soft touch after using the brush.

Facial Brush

A facial brush is commonly used to remove makeup and other particles from the skin. You can use the brush on both the face and the neck in order to remove the impurities that a washcloth might not be able to remove. The brush will get rid of the dead layer of skin that is on the top surface. Moisturizers can be used to help decrease any redness that might develop as well as to help soften the skin after the brush is used. The brush helps to increase the circulation, creating firmer skin. It can also aid in decreasing wrinkles that might form later in life. Using the brush while taking a hot bubble bath is a way to relax after a long day. This is often a better option than using some of the creams that are on the market as you aren’t applying artificial products to the skin. Some of the creams that you find have acids in them, which damage the skin instead of helping the appearance.

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The Advantages of Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted body and facial hair is a problem for both women and men. While there are several options for hair removal, such as shaving, waxing, plucking and threading, they have significant drawbacks. These drawbacks include discomfort, irritation, and the fact that the results are temporary. While electrolysis is a more permanent option, it is time-consuming, painful and expensive.

In recent years, many people have discovered cosmetic laser hair removal. While only professionals can perform laser depilatory services, the results are often a significant improvement over traditional options. Here are some of the advantages:

Cosmetic Laser


Unlike waxing and threading, laser hair removal with a machine such as the Aeslight Smooth Diode, is usually permanent. Over time, it costs a lot more to see a beauty professional for waxing and threading services every three weeks than it is to undergo one or two laser treatments.

Minimal Discomfort

Professional lasers are designed to minimize discomfort while effectively removing hair. In waxing, threading and plucking, hair is being torn from the root, causing pain, inflammation and redness that may take at least a couple of days to go away.

Less Time Consuming

Hair removal can take a significant amount of time. Individuals who wax or shave at home can expect to spend several hours each month on body hair removal. Those who see a professional spend even more time traveling to a salon or spa. Laser hair removal requires only a few office visits for permanent results.

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Using Face Sun Block Whitening Cream on Hot Summer Months

With the hot summer months and scorching heat of the sun, skin protection is a must to protect your skin from dryness and darkness. I have bought Nivea Face Sun Block Whitening Cream with Collagen Protect before we travelled for six months and it has good effect because my face didn’t dark that much. When I went home after travelling the sun block lotion I have bought was very useful since we sometimes do road trip around our island. My sister noticed that my face was not getting darker in contrast to her, using hat and scarf so I have shared my secret and I guess it is not a good idea after all because she started using my sun block lotion until it is empty.

Whitening Sun Block Lotion

Without seeing one around, I have decided to look for a new sun block lotion. I have found a sun block face whitening cream from Ever Bilena, enriched with Vitamin E and shea butter and licorice extract to moisturize and lighten the skin respectively. I hope it works like the sun block face cream from Nivea.

Church Golden Anniversary and Instruments

This week the church is celebrating golden anniversary, with this the young people has been practicing for praise and worship songs during the celebration. They are sometimes too loud even at night time when people are already trying to rest after a tiring day. Unlike some churches, drums and other music instruments were used during praise and worship. Sound quality differs whom is playing the instrument, there are young people who knew how to play well and some needs more practice to perfect it.

To add accessory to music instruments sometimes create inspiration and good music, I guess a bootzilla signature bass string should be a good investment for them to get inspired and practice well.

Ever Bilena Aulia Perfume Body Lotion (Goat’s Milk)

Being in the Philippines for a long time, and going out beyond the scorching sun my skin turns more tanned than usual. I guess too the lotion I am using doesn’t suit on my skin too, because instead of getting lighter it turns out the other way. So I have decided to try another lotion, this time from Ever Bilena, the Aulia Perfume Body Lotion (Goat’s Milk). The lotion has Vitamin E + Whitening so I am hoping I could get lighter after using it, I have used once when I arrived in the Philippines after vacationing in Africa for a few months. I was too dark then, but became lighter within months being home.

Aulia Ever Bilena Lotion

Oh, well I used another lotion that time but not frequent. It was Extract Papaya lotion, so I am not really sure which of the two lotions suited my skin.

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