On Sale: Nockers and Goya Chocolates

The other day when my mother and sister went to town to buy viand for lunch, they also brought few chocolates with them when they return home.  It turns out those chocolates are on sale, I am quite in disbelief because I seldom see stores in town that goes on sale.

Guess why the store is on sale? The second chocolate that is for free is near on expiring in few months and instead of throwing them when they expired, they put them on sale. Well I guess is not too bad, isn’t it?

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A Shave Can Be a Royal Treatment

Experience more of a outstanding shave when you use quality products that are specially designed and crafted essentials that are superior to most brands on the market. They are paraben free and are meant to make you feel fresher, cleaner, and thus present a more attractive appearance at the same time.

A super smooth shave is a much desired outcome, and you can enjoy the shaving experience when a revolutionary foamless cream is combined with witch hazel extract and shea butter that will make any necessary repairs to your face from problems such as razor burn and also moisturize while you shave.

It is an easy process to wash your face with warm water, use just a quarter-sized amount of the cream massaged onto your wet face, go ahead and shave, and then rinse with cool water.

A special unscented hand-crafted soap, or one with the scent of peppermint or sandalwood if preferred, is the best suggestion for those men who have sensitive skin. The rich lather has no detergent agents but is loaded with powerful nourishing moisturizers such as olive, palm, coconut and wheat germ oils as well as Vitamin E. Also included is rosemary oleoresin extract, a natural antioxidant that guards cells against free radicals. The procedure is to slightly wet a shave brush before rubbing it over the soap until it becomes foamy, wash your face with warm water, apply the foam, shave, and rinse with cool water.

Know that these unique shaves can make you feel like a prince or a king!

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What We Predict Will Be the Best Apps of 2015

The last few years have seen an incredible range of apps taking over our lives.

Who would have believed just a short time ago that we would soon be able to do so much with our phones and tablets thank to these apps?

The good news is that the fact that the app revolution is far from over. In fact, we believe that it is only just beginning.  The following are some of the apps we predict will rock our world in 2015.

Smart Home Apps

We are still waiting to see those house cleaning robots and mechanical butlers we were promised all those years ago, aren´t we? Until we get them it seems as though we are going to have to make do with apps that let us get things done around the house more smartly. You can already use your mobile device to switch on your alarm, turn on your lights and manage your fridge´s contents. There is a good chance that 2015 becomes the year in which we finally begin to control more of our homes using apps. Can you imagine using your phone to vacuum your floor, turn on the shower and open your garage? There are lots of interesting ways in which apps could make boring daily chores that bit more interesting. Maybe you could soon cook the dinner while you are work and chill that bottle of wine to the perfect temperature while you are still sitting in traffic

Apps 2015

[Image source: sharingame.org]

Short Term Fashion Apps

The ease with which mobile apps can now be developed means that they can now be looked on as being more short term than before. This means that they now lend themselves more to temporary use before being discarded or updated. A good example could come in the shape of the fashion world. It would be no surprise to see them now used to showcase a specific season´s trends or to help you to plan your summer wardrobe. There is now little need for a brand to think about using just one overall app for everything. It now makes more sense for them to reach out to their customers on what it is that concerns or interest them at this specific moment in time.

More Personalised Apps

We have already started to see apps gets more personalised and targeted, a trend we expect to see continue in 2015. For instance, if you are going to a shopping centre you could download the app on your way and make a list of what you are after. Once you arrive you would get updates or messages telling you exactly where to find what you are after at the best price. We no longer want generic apps that aren´t particularly useful to us. Instead, we want only the most relevant information that helps us out right here and now.  There is no reason to think that this won´t happen soon. When it does it will make our mobile devices even more useful to us than they already are.

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Shopping in a Thrift Store

Shopping for second hand clothes is very economical decision if you are cutting your budgets to expenses that you really don’t need too often.  Since my mother discovers the joy of shopping in a thrift store, she occasionally visits when the shop is on sale to look around for cheap clothes that are still in good condition.

One day, while we are in town we stopped by at the thrift just to check what’s on sale or if they have still items that could fit our taste.  I look around and found shorts on my liking, I have no decent clothes left since most of my clothes are already too small for me, and they already hand down to my younger sister.  I was tempted to buy few pair of shorts, they are way better than buying new shorts that are made of cheap fabric.

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Christmas Carol Tradition

The other day while I am cooking our dinner I heard a sound of tambourine and a Christmas carol, it turns out someone is carolling at the nearby store. Carolling is common during holiday season I remember when I am younger when Ber months started there’s already a lot of carollers at night but lately I have noticed they are nowhere to be found, it turns out carolling now a days needs a permit to avoid being scammed by people who carolled for personal gain, contrary to their claim that it is for an organization or church.

Probably obtaining a permit was a good decision but I have noticed that the old tradition of Christmas is slowly fading, the love and joy of Christmas season is now becoming business rather than sharing. Well a  guitar need a keeley compressor to obtain good music and the sound will flow freely and inspire people and so people need to be polish to be a good person.

Winning the Inexpensive Travel Game

Getting the best travel deal has become one of the biggest games in town. The airline and hotel industries have been hammered by a wide variety of websites that do web based research and come up with lots of ways to save you money. As quickly as ways to save money are found out, companies change them or find other ways to charge up the price. So you have to stay on your toes. Here are some of the latest and greatest ways to save money.

Register For Refunds At Yapa.com

The price of airline tickets usually go up as the day of the flight gets nearer. But sometimes flights don’t fill and prices drop at the last minute. Most airlines and online travel agencies will refund you the difference between the price you paid and the current price in travel vouchers or travel credits. Yapa.com will track the fares for you and send you an email or a Tweet when the price drops. Yapa will also show you how to collect your refund.

Overseas Budget Airlines

You may have heard about Ryan Air and some of the other local budget airlines operating around Europe and Asia. Their prices can be less than half of what major airlines charge. There are more budget carriers popping up all the time. WhichBudget.com can plan an entire trip using regional budget airlines. Enter your starting and ending point and they’ll give you a list of small airlines, many of which you have probably never heard of.


Get Airfare Watchdog On Your Side

If you can keep your plans a little loose, Airfare Watchdog has a number of services for catching rock bottom prices. Their members sign up with airlines and collect promotional codes and other deals that can be passed on to other Airfare Watchdog users. Because users are members of airline websites, they get advance notice of fare sales that sometimes provide deep discounts.

When Should You Buy Your Ticket?

Knowing when to buy your ticket is key to getting the best deal. Bing Travel has a nifty price predictor that does a pretty good job of predicting which way prices are going to go. If you happen to be traveling to one of the cities they are willing to make a prediction about, it will also tell you how much confidence it has in it’s prediction.

Start As Early As Possible

You should start your fair search early, take your time, and have fun with it. One great place to start is Kayak.com, which specializes in super-cheap fares. If you can, give Kayak a range of dates and times to play with and see what it comes up with. Then try their explore tool. Put your starting point and how much you want to spend into it, and it will display a map showing how far you can go.

If you and your company want to host a meeting or have a Party in New York City, Hornblower can host the whole affair on a private yacht while you cruise around the island.

Don’t forget to read travel blogs while you are planning your trip. Things change so fast in the travel and vacation world that up to the minute advice and information can save you lots. It doesn’t hurt to leave replies to blogs that you read filling them in on interesting things that you have found.

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Sera Yellow Slipper from MSE

Being used of wearing socks inside our apartment, I felt feet cold when I am barefoot inside our house so I have asked my mother to buy me a pair of slippers to wear inside.

Sera MSE Slipper

It was a yellow gold slipper from MSE, Sera. It was light weight slipper and very comfortable to walk with.

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5 Tips for Decorating Your New Home

Moving into a new home is a liberating experience, whether it’s your first home or your dream home. Your new space represents a blank canvas for you to create your own special haven. Traditionally, interior design help was the province of wealthy homeowners. Today, anyone can find professional design tips for a comfortable, artful home. Here are some suggestions for transforming your new, empty shell into a warm and inviting home.

1. Clean House at Your Old Home

Before you move into your new home, start cleaning out your old place. This will make your current home easier to pack and move into the new one. Aim to eliminate 25 to 50 percent of your old things: wobbly furniture, broken appliances and accessories you no longer love.

If it’s hard to part with your belongings, remind yourself that moving is a great time to start over. Pare down your possessions with a garage sale or online auction, or donate your items to charity. Your “trash” could be someone else’s treasure, and you’ll be surprised by what you won’t miss.

House Decorations

2. Make Thoughtful New Purchases

A new home provides an opportunity to decorate your space with new finds. Don’t buy everything at once, however. Live in your home for a few months before you shop for interior design. Consider how you will use your house and how you will live in the rooms.

Since you spend a third of your day in bed, start with your bedroom. Consider new bedding, wall colors, window treatments and maybe even a new bed. From your bedroom, move to the living room, den, kitchen, dining room and other spaces. Don’t forget the special rooms like exercise rooms, media rooms, libraries and wine cellars.

3. Resist the Urge to Match

Retailers encourage shoppers to buy in sets so that everything is matching. Resist the urge unless you like the generic look of a furniture store showroom. When you shop for interior design, look for objects that reflect your personal style. A few pieces of similar style are fine, but stay away from bland, boring items. Consider furniture and accessories in terms of scale and balance.

4. Tie Things Together with Color

Does the furniture in your home span several decades? Color is the easiest and most economical way to tie everything together. Find a unifying color and paint a wall with it. For a less labor-intensive solution, shop for curtains, rugs and other interior design accessories in the same hue. Learn the color theory basics to find what works best in your home.

5. Look for Inexpensive Solutions

Decorating your new home doesn’t have to be expensive. Consider cost-effective ways to brighten a dark room or freshen up a drab space. For example, change the hardware on your kitchen cabinets or replace the lighting in your bathroom. Install dimmer switches to change light levels depending on lighting needs or mood.

Creating your dream home is less overwhelming when you take one practical step at a time. Work slowly and thoughtfully as you consider cost-effective solutions for every room in the house. Resist the urge to match anything but your personal style as you shop for interior design.

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How to Have a Fashionable Winter

Dreading the frumpy winter wardrobe? It may not be as fun and carefree as summer is, but you can certainly up the wardrobe ante this winter with some fashionable staples. Just because you can’t wear your favorite cut offs and strappy sandals doesn’t mean you have to be covered up in ugly sweaters and puffy coats.

The Duster Jacket

Don’t think for a minute that this trend belongs to the power-men of the 1980s. Duster coats are now a chic option to keep you fashionable and snug when the weather turns sour. Dress in black from head to toe and soften your edges with a rose colored coat. For a bit of New York style, duster jackets look amazing paired with your favorite skinny jeans and a pair of heeled boots or pointy toed pumps.

Sweaters Are a Staple

Luckily for you, big sweaters are in and you can make them as cute or as sexy as you want. If you want to opt for sexy, pair your favorite leggings or skinnies with a drapey off-the-shoulder sweater. Wear a spicy lace bustier underneath for a hot peek at what you’ve got underneath. If you want comfy but sweet, oversized sweaters are the perfect accessory to black leggings. Pair them with some knee high boots, ballet flats, or sexy heels for a night out on the town. Flowy, open front cardigans can be paired with skirts or even trousers. Top a feminine blouse with your open front cardi for a warm but professional look at the office.

Winter Fashion

Boho Cute: Ponchos

No, these aren’t the tacky messes of the 60s. When the weather is more like fall than winter but you still need a little something to keep warm, a poncho can double as both an outerwear piece and an integrated piece of your wardrobe, according to Juniper James. Wear a long sleeved top underneath with leggings, flat boots, and a scarf and you have a structured look that’s easy and fun.

Go Classic with a Pea Coat

Pea coats can be their very own fashion accessory. This winter, ditch the polyester coat and try something more flattering. Pea coats can be warm, and when you’re running errands that prevent you from stopping to take your coat off, you still want to look cute. Get a coat that’s fitted at the waist, preferably with a belt, to avoid the pregnant look. Having your waist emphasized will give you a slimming look than an unstructured fit will.

Rock Out with a Black Leather Jacket

If you’re sick of the sweet look, get edgy with some leather. You can make it part of your look or keep it strictly outerwear. Whatever you do, keep it fitted to avoid the utilitarian look. A cropped jacket can kick up any dress you own while a ladies-only full length coat will give your favorite ripped jeans a sassier look.

A cold weather wardrobe is just as much fun as a summer one. With cozy accessories and sleek staples, you’ll be taking on the cold weather with flair.

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Look Your Best This Winter

It’s not unusual to feel pressured to be more diligent with an exercise routine and more conscious about calories when warm weather nears and you start thinking about beach vacations and outdoor activities. However, you also know that you want to look your best throughout the holiday season and when you’re wearing trendy winter fashions.

Make a grand entrance

When you look good, your confidence level is high. Confidence is what you want to feel when you walk into the holiday parties you’ve been invited to. Shapewear can be the foundation upon which to build a stunning, eye-catching holiday wardrobe. With accessories such as a body suit, thigh shaper or tank top as part of your attire, you can look stunning whether you are dressed for work, a party, an evening out or a leisurely weekend adventure.


Winter Fun

You don’t want to let cold weather hamper your fun. Including some leg warmers, boot toppers and cozy socks in your winter wardrobe accessory collection will keep you prepared for planned or spontaneous winter weather adventures. Colorful leggings and socks are a wonderful contrast to gray winter days.

You can take advantage of body-shaping accessories to make you look your best and boost your confidence. Chilly winter days give you the perfect excuse to get a little silly with your sock or legging attire or to pamper your feet with ultra-cozy slippers. Spring will arrive soon enough. Meanwhile, get the maximum enjoyment out of winter.

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