3 Wall Decorating Options for Minimalists

The number of ways you can decorate the walls of your home and office is endless. Picture frames, decals and fixtures are just some of the décor you can use if you enjoy creating unique looks or borrowing ideas from others. Some people are creative interior designers, in their own right, and enjoy taking the time to achieve their desired presentation. If you, however, consider yourself to be a minimalist and prefer to achieve a specific look without a lot of different pieces, here are three options you might find minimal and simple to achieve.


Wallpaper, especially premium wallpaper, is a great way to give your home or office walls a style of their own in one fell swoop. Choose from solid colors, patterns or repeating graphics, or now, you can also choose art. Wallpaper has evolved since its early days. Artists, today, can be commissioned to create one panel or a full room mural – the decision is yours. Then, when complete, hang according to the instructions. Once it’s dry and properly adhered, if you chose a scene, chances are good you’ll feel like you’ve been instantly transported there.



Whether you’re a DIY person, or you don’t mind hiring professionals, paint goes a long way when decorating walls. A single color has the power to create the specific mood you’re searching for without much else. Light shades blues are known to create a calming effect while yellows can serve as instant mood boosters. If you’re painting the walls for a child’s room, for a girl, you can’t go wrong with baby pinks or bright oranges, and for boys, bold blues can suffice. For office walls, the perfect shade of brown or beige can be soothing even on those stressful work days.

Wall Panels

Wall panels function the same way wallpaper does with an added benefit – texture. If you wish you had wooden walls, but have concrete ones instead, wall panels offer a great solution that is also budget-friendly. Available in hardwood, decorative stones and brick, and vinyl, there’s an array of textures, colors and patterns for you to browse. Whether your taste is contemporary or modern, panels allow you to instantly transform your walls with precisely measured pieces.

Achieving a desired look for the walls of your home or office can be simple through wallpaper, paint or wall panels.

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Decorating Your Home On A Budget

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to decorate your home, and your home won’t even have to look like you didn’t spend much on it either. There are ways to decorate an entire home, or just an apartment, without spending much money. You really just need to know where look.

Maybe you just need a fresh redo on your place, or maybe you just moved across country and you need to refinish and decorate your entire home. Whatever the reason you need to decorate, here are the ways you can do it on a budget.

Look Online

One of the easiest ways to redecorate your home is to start shopping online. You can find everything you want in one place, so to speak. You get to sit at home, place your order, and the mailman will deliver the items to your door.

Home Decor

Shop around at different websites, and even sites like Ebay. You can look for great imported items, find beautiful handmade furniture, and more, with the simple click of a few keys on your computer. You might not always find the best deals online though, so don’t rely on just the internet for shopping.

Shop Clearance

Never neglect the clearance department of any store you shop in. You can sometimes find great items at shocking prices.  Online you can find clearance sections when you are shopping your favorite store’s website. Usually clearance items are things that are out of season or no longer going to be carried by the store.

Go To Yard Sales

Yard sales are a great place to find treasures. You can get some of the best deals on antiques, vintage items, and lightly used furniture when you shopped other people’s junk. While some yard sales may be overpricing items, many simply are put on by people that just want to get rid of their old stuff, so you can get stuff for really cheap, from furniture to curtains.

You won’t always find the best items, so you’ll want to make sure you inspect things (and maybe smell them too). Some great deals might need a little work, if you happen to be a crafty person you can refurbish items you have purchased.

Decorate Home

Check Out Thrift Stores

If it isn’t yard sale season you can find some great deals at thrift stores and resale shops. Sometimes you can even find bargains on brand new items. You could refurnish your home with used items for a couple hundred dollars, instead of a couple thousand.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive adventure to furnish and decorate your home, although it can be a fun adventure. You could give your home a fun look, a country look, or even make it fancy. The options are endless.

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Four Ways To Save Money When Shopping

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, who doesn’t want to save some money when they head out to the store, even if you’re simply picking up some groceries. It’s common to spend a quick hundred dollars on just a few bags of groceries, and it’s common to get annoyed when the cashier tells you your total.

Everyone needs to eat, and everyone needs to clothe themselves. So why does it have to cost so much to do all of that? Well, it really doesn’t, you just need to know the best ways to save.

Start With A List

Never go to the store without a list of the items you are shopping for. If you are gift shopping, you should at least have a list of who you are shopping for. The list will help you stay on track, and hopefully keep you from impulse shopping and overspending.

A list also helps you remember everything you need to get so that you don’t need to waste gas to run back to the store again.


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Use Coupons

You don’t need to be a crazy coupon lady in order to save some money here and there with a coupon. You also don’t need to buy your local Sunday paper anymore when it comes to using coupons. You can print them from online, or even download them directly to your grocery card if your store has a frequent shopper program.

You can also find coupon codes online, which can be used for far more than just groceries. By searching for your favorite stores, both online and brick and mortar, you can find a lot of coupon deals, and they can scan codes right off your phone at the store. You can download a shopping app right to your smartphone.

Shop Around

With the internet it makes it far easier to shop stores ads and shop around to different stores so that you can find the best deal. Doing your window shopping online, at least, can save you from using up a ton of gas driving from store to store searching for what you want. You might even find better deals online.

Don’t Skip Clearance

When you are shopping online or in store, don’t forget to check out the clearance department. Sometimes you can find some really good deals on clearance items, and you just might find exactly what was on your shopping list for a far better price than you thought you’d have to pay.

You don’t need to break the bank on groceries or gift shopping, you just need to be more wise about where you are shopping and what you are buying. Shop for the best deals and you can save a great deal.

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