Oriental Therapy For Pain Relief and Stress

Chronic pain, sports injuries and stress can all be managed and reduced with traditional methods of ancient oriental practices. For thousands of years, acupuncture has been used by Chinese people for medicinal purposes. Other parts of the far east have also adopted this application for pain and stress relief. The concept of acupuncture is based on the use of needles that target different points of the nervous system. The goal is to create a feeling of numbness in some of the different parts of the peripheral nervous system, which is responsible for responding to stimulation such as pain. In a sense, acupuncture is an all natural method of pain killing and local anesthesia. Using Chinese medicine Calgary is an example of seeking alternative treatment for pain management. Sore muscles and other body aches can be relieved with other treatment such as hot stone massage Calgary.

People in the western world are simply fed up with prescription drugs that create a lot of unwanted side effects. Managing pain shouldn’t be a difficult process. There are plenty of all natural alternatives available for medication. The human body can be manipulated with physical objects rather than chemicals. Therefore, needles are extremely effective in the practice of acupuncture. These small items are inserted several inches deep beneath the skin. Soft tissue and muscles may tense up and then relax under the pressure created by needles. Cupping is another practice used to loosen up the muscles and relieve some persistent pain all over the body.

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Shopping for Personal Toiletries

When travelling I always bring personal toiletries with me despite that there are some hotel or hostel that provide free toiletries like shampoo and soap.  Within one month of traveling my conditioner run off so I decided to buy new one, I bought two kinds Loreal and Pantene conditioner, I also bought toner and cotton. There are times that I felt dirty after being in the sun all day, so I clean my face and neck with toner before taking  a bath.

Personal Toiletries

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The Source of a Beautiful Pearl

It has been said for many years that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. People who love the soft luster of pearls probably quietly disagree. After all, pearls are very subtle gems, and so are the people who wear them.

Freshwater pearls are an affordable option for pearl lovers on a budget. Found in various species of mussels that grow in ponds, streams, lakes and other bodies of freshwater, most of the cultured supply now comes from China.

Freshwater pearls lend themselves to dyeing in a range of colors. Black, blue, yellow, pink, purple and green are the most popular colors for fashion jewelry made from them.

Saltwater pearls, the traditional type familiar to many people, are found primarily in pearl oysters in warmer waters. Most of today’s saltwater pearls are cultivated in protected beds near volcanic atolls and in lagoons. Natural pearls, those not actively farmed by humans, are rather rare and relatively more expensive than the cultured varieties.

While there is a price difference between cultured and natural pearls, they both have the same characteristic luster. An x-ray examination will reveal a difference in their internal structures, but most people who wear them usually do not go to this length. They are more interested in a pearl’s beauty.

Saltwater cultured pearls may also be dyed different colors, but this is less common than it with the freshwater varieties. The mirror-like metallic glow of a high-quality pearl is usually sufficient unto itself.

Tahitian pearls, often called black pearls, are very rare and highly valued. They are a type of cultured pearl grown deliberately to produce a natural black color. Growing black pearls is a time- and labor-intensive process and producing them on a large scale at a lower price is not possible.

Akoya pearls are coveted by pearl lovers around the world. Cultivated only in the akoya oyster, they were first grown in Japan, still the major producer of these pearls. Some are also grown in China.

Akoyas have all the classic characteristics of a fine pearl. They are round, have the distinctive mirror-like glow and are a natural white color with a hint of pink. Akoyas are among the most popular pearls for jewelry making today.

To learn more about Akoya and other all the other beautiful pearls, please visit National Pearl at www.nationalpearl.com.

** Image source en.wikipedia.org

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