Kaylee Black Slippers from MSE

If there’s one thing that that I don’t use to see living in a progressive city in Korea, that is mud in my feet so when I went home to our province my feet is always dirty and I hate washing my feet all the time so I have asked my mother to buy higher slippers.

Kaylee Slippers

So one day when they came home from town they have black slippers for me, higher heels as I requested they bought it from MSE. It was cute and light weight so I don’t struggle when I walked. The upper sole is made of man-made leather and the sole is EVA.

3 Considerations When Buying Girls Bloomers

If you love putting your daughter in girly clothes but hate the lack of modesty that plagues modern fashion, bloomer shorts are the answer. They can be worn with everything from dresses to leotards, and they’ll preserve her decency without limiting her energy on the playground or in the dance hall.

But what if you aren’t sure what to look for in bloomer shorts? What criteria should you be using during your purchase? Here are just three tips for buying girls bloomer shorts.

1. Consider Fabric Type

Bloomers need a little spandex to help them fit correctly on growing girls, but you don’t want a pair that’s completely stretchy. The ideal bloomers are made with a cotton-spandex blend that combines breathable fabric with a flexible fit.

Bloomer for Girls

2. Beware Puffiness

Puffy bloomers may have looked cute under petticoats in the 18th century, but they’ll just be a nuisance in today’s sandboxes. Look for bloomers that are form-fitting and accommodating of movement. You shouldn’t even see their outlines under dresses and skirts.

3. Make A Hygienic Choice

As a type of under-the-clothes garment, it’s extremely important that your daughter’s bloomers don’t collect sweat and odors. This is partly where that breathable fabric comes in, but you should also look for bloomers that are machine washable. You’ll save yourself a lot of time if you can just throw them in with the rest of her laundry.

These are three things to keep in mind when browsing girls bloomer shorts. Shop now at sites like Sparkle Farms to find your daughter her next great fashion accessory!

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Chevron Scarf Trend Part of a Long Tradition

The Chevron pattern has gained a cross-industry following that makes it feel as if it has gone viral. Recent trends in furniture and home furnishings, office accessories, jewelry and clothing have proven the symbol is appealing for varied applications. Fashionistas and decor hounds alike are ready to shop now in order to keep up with the latest craze.

Chevron ScarfThe world first started its love affair with the Chevron pattern in the 1950s, when Italian designer Ottavio Missoni released a clothing line characterized by bright colors and the zig-zag Chevron pattern. When he licensed national retailer Target to carry some of his designs in 2011, the pattern caught on in other industries.

For those who want a more subtle approach but still want to adorn the design, a scarf is an attractive option. The pattern is typically softer, and it is seen in flashes after the scarf is tied around the neck. To fully display the Chevron pattern, some wearers choose to drape the scarf loosely around the neck and allow the pattern to display across the chest. Two-color Chevron patterns are a great fashion choice for keeping a classic look. Multi-colored patterns are best worn with solid colors. They help make an otherwise drab look come to life.

There seems to be no end in sight for the Chevron pattern. It seems to have gained mass appeal because of its ability to add flair to both upscale and low-brow designs. It satisfies the criteria of being both a trend, which is currently popular, and a tradition, which is a ritual inherited over a long period of time.

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