Benefits Of Using A Brush On The Face

If you want a smooth feel to your face, consider facial brushes. There are a few different kinds you can purchase, and there are various benefits aside from a soft touch after using the brush.

Facial Brush

A facial brush is commonly used to remove makeup and other particles from the skin. You can use the brush on both the face and the neck in order to remove the impurities that a washcloth might not be able to remove. The brush will get rid of the dead layer of skin that is on the top surface. Moisturizers can be used to help decrease any redness that might develop as well as to help soften the skin after the brush is used. The brush helps to increase the circulation, creating firmer skin. It can also aid in decreasing wrinkles that might form later in life. Using the brush while taking a hot bubble bath is a way to relax after a long day. This is often a better option than using some of the creams that are on the market as you aren’t applying artificial products to the skin. Some of the creams that you find have acids in them, which damage the skin instead of helping the appearance.

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The Advantages of Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted body and facial hair is a problem for both women and men. While there are several options for hair removal, such as shaving, waxing, plucking and threading, they have significant drawbacks. These drawbacks include discomfort, irritation, and the fact that the results are temporary. While electrolysis is a more permanent option, it is time-consuming, painful and expensive.

In recent years, many people have discovered cosmetic laser hair removal. While only professionals can perform laser depilatory services, the results are often a significant improvement over traditional options. Here are some of the advantages:

Cosmetic Laser


Unlike waxing and threading, laser hair removal with a machine such as the Aeslight Smooth Diode, is usually permanent. Over time, it costs a lot more to see a beauty professional for waxing and threading services every three weeks than it is to undergo one or two laser treatments.

Minimal Discomfort

Professional lasers are designed to minimize discomfort while effectively removing hair. In waxing, threading and plucking, hair is being torn from the root, causing pain, inflammation and redness that may take at least a couple of days to go away.

Less Time Consuming

Hair removal can take a significant amount of time. Individuals who wax or shave at home can expect to spend several hours each month on body hair removal. Those who see a professional spend even more time traveling to a salon or spa. Laser hair removal requires only a few office visits for permanent results.

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Using Face Sun Block Whitening Cream on Hot Summer Months

With the hot summer months and scorching heat of the sun, skin protection is a must to protect your skin from dryness and darkness. I have bought Nivea Face Sun Block Whitening Cream with Collagen Protect before we travelled for six months and it has good effect because my face didn’t dark that much. When I went home after travelling the sun block lotion I have bought was very useful since we sometimes do road trip around our island. My sister noticed that my face was not getting darker in contrast to her, using hat and scarf so I have shared my secret and I guess it is not a good idea after all because she started using my sun block lotion until it is empty.

Whitening Sun Block Lotion

Without seeing one around, I have decided to look for a new sun block lotion. I have found a sun block face whitening cream from Ever Bilena, enriched with Vitamin E and shea butter and licorice extract to moisturize and lighten the skin respectively. I hope it works like the sun block face cream from Nivea.

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