Choosing a Necklace to Give as a Birthday Gift

A man who wants to give his wife a necklace for her birthday has a lot of things to consider. Naturally, he will want to give her a necklace that she will love to wear. In short, he is not just getting a birthday gift for his wife, he is getting her a keepsake that she will treasure for years to come. She may even pass the necklace along to her daughter one day! Here are some of the considerations that a man must take into account when looking for a necklace for his wife.

First, he should think of the color of the necklace. If he is getting a pearl necklace for his wife, he will want to choose a color that she loves. For instance, he may want to go with gold instead of white pearls. One way to figure out what color she would like would be to checkout the other pieces in her jewelry collection. This will give him a good indication of her color preferences. Or, if a man wants to research what is available, he can travel to a place like

Pearl Necklace

Next, a man may want to consider the size of the necklace that he chooses for his wife. Some women like choker necklaces while others like to have a necklace with a little bit of extra length. She may want a choker necklace to wear with more elegant outfits. Alternatively, she may prefer to have a longer necklace she can pair with the more casual outfits in her wardrobe. A man would be wise to observe what kind of outfits she likes to wear and what type of jewelry she needs to enhance those ensembles. This is a thoughtful way to go about choosing a necklace for her birthday. She will appreciate all of the thought and effort that went into his selection!

Finally, the design of the necklace is also something a man should consider when selecting this type of gift. A husband should know whether his wife appreciates subtle designs or loves to go with something more intricate. Sometimes its wise for a man to look at a place like The Pearl Source to checkout the different designs that are out there. Then, he can give some serious thought to the choices available to him. The color, size and design of a necklace all contribute to the beauty of this gift.

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Les graines de cannabis (Cannabis seeds)

Le terme cannabis réfère à plusieurs produits qui sont obtenus à partir de la plante de cannabis ou de chanvre. Les effets médicinaux des graines cannabis sont causées par des substances chimiques appelées cannabinoïdes.

La résine de cannabis, également connu sous le nom de haschisch est la sécrétion des fleurs de la plante, qui est ensuite pressée en blocs noirs brunâtres.

L’herbe de cannabis (marijuana, herbe, ganja) comprend les tiges portant les fleurs séchées et les meilleurs pousses de la plante et parfois aussi les feuilles et d’autres parties de la tige.

La graine de cannabis est très utile pour ceux qui souffrent de douleur chronique et de la spasticité musculaire. Il existe un lien démontré entre les graines de cannabis et la suppression et la réduction de plusieurs symptômes de la sclérose en plaques comme la spasticité et les tremblements.

cannabis seeds

[Image courtesy of Cannabis Culture/flickr.c0m]

The term refers to several cannabis products that are obtained from the cannabis plant or hemp. The medicinal effects of cannabis seeds is caused by chemicals called cannabinoids.

Cannabis resin , also known as hashish is the secretion of the flowers of the plant, which is then pressed into brownish black blocks.

Herbal cannabis (marijuana, weed , ganja ) includes stems with dried flowers and the best shoots of the plant and sometimes the leaves and other parts of the stem.

The cannabis seed is very useful for those who suffer from chronic pain and muscle spasticity. There is a demonstrated link between cannabis seeds and removing and reducing many symptoms of MS such as spasticity and tremor link.

Patients who suffer from multiple sclerosis using cannabis seeds to improve their condition and to relieve the symptoms that accompany the debilitating disease.

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4 Tips for Achieving A Great Biker Look

From American Chopper to Sons of Anarchy, there’s an iconic look associated with bikers and their clubs. Take a look at the following list and see if you’ve managed to hit all the essentials.

1. Vest

The single most important part of biker apparel is your “cut.” If you’re looking to join an established club, you’ll need to earn your cut through their rules, but if you’re simply a fan of the lifestyle and looking to emulate it, any tough leather vest will do.

2. Boots

Thick, study boots are a must-have for anyone kicking off from the road. A quality pair can last for years, and you can adorn them with spikes or spurs as you please.


[Image courtesy of fir0002 | /]

3. Belt

A thick leather belt is another essential of the biker look. You need a reason to show off your large, awesome buckles, after all. Skulls and crossbones are common; American flags are timeless but occasionally run the risk of being cliche. Regardless of design, anything under two inches should be left on the shelf.

4. Bandanas

The use of a bandana goes well beyond style when you’re a biker on the move. For one, it will keep your hair out of your eyes while riding; it can also be used as a makeshift bandage if things get rough in a bar. Never go anywhere without a spare bandana tied to your arm.

These are just a few ways to turn heads even without your Harley. Visit to learn more about dressing yourself with the right attitude for the road.

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