Visa Wallet from MSE

Shopping is really one of the best thing to do when your depressed and sad, it makes you happy and forget things in an instant but afterwards you are back in being depressed and it is much worst because you end up broke and penniless. I am not feeling well since these past few months because of personal reasons, my life was hit by a big turbulence and there is no way up, only to go down.

Visa Wallet from MSE

Well, the other day I feed my depression of material things; I bought myself some useless things. I bought wants and not needs. One of the thing I recently bought is a wallet; it was seven years ago since I bought a new wallet, my old wallet was already old and torn.

The wallet was from MSE (Marikina Shoe Exchange) and was a bit smaller compare to my old long wallet. I choose a smaller one so I can easily keep it on my small bag and bring it with me, unlike my old wallet it was quite long to carry.

Visa Wallet

Visa wallet is smaller with the size of 6 ¼” x 3 ½”, it is made of man-made leader. The outside color is Taupe while the inside is dark pink which is a perfect color combination making it chic and sassy. It has 3 slots for card, picture, a purse which is perfect for coins and four compartments for bills. Since it is not genuine leather it is cheap for the price of Php275 or about $6.11. I immediately moved the cards from my old wallet to the new one; I just choose the important ones since it has only 3 slots, perfect for my postal ID and two bank cards, aside from the cards I moved the two crispy small bills, they are part of my souvenir bills so even my wallet has no money in it at least it is not that empty, isn’t it?

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Best Kitchen Tools and Cooking Gadgets

Tools of the Trade

Food competition reality shows are big audience draws on television. Every day viewers can share enthusiasm with contestants vying to win a cupcake war, develop delicious dishes with secret ingredients, and chefs trying to become the last one standing to reach the top. A common thread in all shows is the use of top-notch culinary tools and equipment, just what you need for your kitchen.

Only the Finest

As you watch contestants race to get their food cooking, you’ll notice knives cut onions like they were butter, pots and pans heat food quickly and uniformly, and every range and every oven has precise temperature controls. Each equipment type is manufactured with certain cooking methods in mind. For instance, ovens aren’t merely ovens. Bake ovens are designed to handle multiple volumes of baked goods. Convection ovens are prized for their ability to cook just about anything with even, consistent results. Pizza ovens are designed to produce the crispy, chewy crust unrivaled by any ordinary home oven.

Cooking Show

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Time Savers

Chefs don’t want to spend more time than they have to preparing a meal. Good quality tools save time. For example, anyone who’s tried to hack through fruits and vegetables with a dull knife, is well aware of how much time can be saved with quality knives. Besides sharpness, balance, blade and handle forged as a single piece, and ergonomic grips are all factors in choosing a knife that delivers optimal performance whether it’s a paring knife, cook’s knife or Nakari knife.


Once food has been prepared and served, it’s time for cleaning utensils and equipment. Commercial dishwashers get your tools sparkling and ready for the next round. Under counter, conveyor, and front door models are available. Whatever your preference, you will find one for your needs.

You won’t find cut rate equipment used on any cooking reality show. Restaurant quality spatulas flip food in high grade stainless steel sauté pans that repose on commercial range burners. The equipment is a testament to the old idiom that you can do anything with the right tools. Regardless if the saying is 100% accurate or not, quality tools of the trade make cooking easier and more fun. Such restaurant supply online stores as Mission Restaurant Supply carry the equipment that makes your kitchen into a reality show all your own.

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A Thing for Coffee

Coffee as a beverage had been around for thousands of years before it reached the New World. Had the British not caused tea costs to skyrocket in the 18th century, coffee may not have such a prominent place at breakfast tables around the world or made its way to cultivation in the warm climates of South America. Brazil emerged as the world’s leader in coffee bean production in the mid-1900s. Consumers claim taste is the most important factor when choosing their coffee whether in retail markets or dining establishments.

By Any Other Name

From its humble beginnings, so various legends go, as an accidentally roasted berry boiled in water, coffee has become the world’s most widely consumed beverage. Furthermore, asking for coffee has evolved into quite a science. Pseudonyms for coffee began as far back as its first exports from the port city of Mocha. Likewise, the island of Java lent its name to a synonym for coffee. The typical phrase, “cup of joe” in American slang may well be a derivation of the slang term, jamoke, which is a combination Java and Mocha. At one time, these two locations were considered as best coffee producers in the world.

Coffee Evolution

Espresso is a popular way Europeans drink their coffee. To brew it, high pressured water is forced through finely ground coffee that has been tightly packed into a very fine sieve. Special tools called espresso tampers are used to compact the coffee so no water “runs” too quickly through the grounds. Espresso is ordered by the standard 1-once shot, or as a variation of the shot. A ristretto, or short shot, is the first 3/4-ounce of an espresso, A lungo, or long shot, is a shot and a half, and a double shot is, of course, 2 ounces. It wasn’t long before sugar and dairy products were introduced into the inky black elixir. Espresso is the starter for many types of sophisticated coffee drinks, which have morphed into an ordering art:

  • Latte- a shot of espresso mixed with a cup of steamed milk, and then topped with foamed milk.
  • Machiatto- a shot of espresso topped with a layer of foamed milk.
  • Cappuccino- a shot of espresso topped with steamed milk.

    Across the globe, we do indeed enjoy our coffee in all its blends and creations.

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