Missha and Tony Moly Just a Glance Away

I just feel bored of being online lately, feel lazy updating my blog as I have nothing to write. When I log-in on these blog, 11 comments are waiting for me to be approved. Sorry folks for not visiting you back lately, I just came to the point of so called boredom as Pookie bear defined it,  my feeling.

Anyway as it is Pink Fridays today here’s my share of it, Missha and Tony Moly is just at the front of the gym we are working out so if there’s  a sale I know it instantly because the first thing I  do before warming up is too peep in the glass wall and look below.

Missha and Tony Moly Shop

It is easy to know if there’s sale because the event are taped in the glass, and sometimes there’s a table of freebies outside,  together with a young lady carrying a small basket while saying something  in front of a mike.

Second floor of Missha is a Hair Salon which is closed during Monday. I wonder why Monday is their off day when it is the first day of the week.

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Kerasys Damage Clinic Shampoo and Conditioner

I am not updating this blog lately, I always set aside this from my other blogs. Maybe that’s how it works when you can’t see it every time you log-in to your other blogs. If you remember my blog about Kerasys Conditioner, and  being a sale enthusiast  I purchased a Kerasys shampoo to make it complete. Just last night I decided to use the pair but I can’t open both of them no matter how I try to flip the pump. So I used them by removing the lead (cap), after it I asked Pookie bear to make it work for me but he can’t too.  Darn I said to myself maybe that’s why it is on sale because it has a broken cap; as I can’t work with my online activities with a thoughts in my head I went to the bathroom and tweak here and here, finally I was able to make the pump work. It is very tight and secure huh?  Maybe I could buy more of this when it is sale again, that’s what comes to my head.

Kerasys Shampoo and Conditioner

Kerasys hair clinic system is a premium formulated hair care set it contains herb extracts, edelweiss extract, panthenol, and hydrolyzed protein that aid in moisturizing and revitalizing damaged hair. The multiple effects of Kerasys include moisturizing, increasing tensile strength of hair, and producing glossiness. These qualities have been verified by Dermac institute (in the U.S) and DWI (in Germany).

Both of the shampoo and conditioner smell nice, smells like a salon what I mean a sweet candy.  Anyway as it says this is mainly for repairing damaged hair like to those who have frequent rebonding (chemical straightening) dry, severely split, colored, damaged and dismembered hair due to frequent drying, dyeing, bleaching and chemical treatment.

I don’t think I have damaged hair but once I tried to have a curly hair at home using a madricacao and pouring chemical to it and the result  just make my hair wavy and looks like a sponge, after a year or few  I had a hair relax but the dork me take a bath the next day. First time eh, Apple didn’t tell me not to wet my hair with in three days they thought I know it already, haha. So before I left Philippines I had a hair treatment free from my boss who owns the salon.  Little did I know that  Apple  do something to my hair not until Robbie ask me if my hair is normally brown.

So hopefully using this shampoo, my hair will back to its normal color and my fly away hair will fly away from my hair. Confusing?

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Eating chips or junk foods  is not enjoyable for me mostly I am into chocolates, ice cream or bread, I seldom ate chips unless someone invited me to do so, I have one friend on college who loves to eat Mr. Chips so I learned to love that chips from here because during vacant time and we are in each other company we sometimes went to Zafeway just to buy chips that when sometimes my money is not enough she is going to pay for the additional amount I need just so I can buy and eat with her.

Anyway the other day when we visited Kim’s Club Mart, Pringles are on sale. I took the chance to buy two flavor, Original and Smokey BBQ, my husband asked me why I bought it, he knows I am not going to eat it. I told him I will put it on my box, box to Philippines.


Honestly I think I only buy these chips once or twice, the last time  I remember I bought these chips when I am already working, I just felt it was so expensive for me to buy this chips all I can afford is tortillos or other chips that wont excess  to $0.65. My husband asked me how much is it in the Philippines, when I replied he told me there’s no deal because it is just the same price but I told him it is still cheaper with the value of money here, don’t just convert it to Philippines pesos. Lol!

Pringles is a brand of potato and wheat based snacks produced by Procter & Gamble. Pringles are sold in over 100 countries and have yearly sales of over US$1 billion.Procter & Gamble chose the Pringles name from a Cincinnati telephone book, having been inspired by Pringle Drive in Finneytown, Ohio, due to its pleasing sound.

Pringles brand potato crisps were first sold in the United States in October 1968, and distributed internationally by the mid-1970s.  In April 2011, P&G agreed the $2.35Bn sale of the company to Diamond Foods of California, more than tripling the size of its snack business.

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Natural Beauty – Milk Soap

The frugal in me strikes again last night,  Pookie bear and I went to Nonghyup Supermarket to buy a bottle of olive oil eventually he asked me if how many eggs are left, when I replied there’s two trays left he is kind of angry to me for not telling him that we are running out of eggs, so we could bring a shopping bag with us. Well anyway we took four(4) tray of eggs in the freezer, he carried two and the other two was on me before going to the counter I wander in the aisle where the sale items are located while he went to the aisle where olive oil was displayed, I rolled my eyes so quickly and  immediately grab the box of milk soap and run to the counter where the bear is already paying his egg trays, luckily I am on time. As expected I have to pay my own stuff.

Anyway I pay $4.50 for eight(8) 100g milk soap, which is pretty cheap than buying four(4) soap in the same price or more. When I visited the company site I found out it is a new product/milk soap for sensitive skin.

Natural Beauty - Milk Soap

Product Description:

Discover the delights of local herbs and pure essential oils- all skillfully blended together to produce beautiful looking, amazing smelling natural products that will not only help to keep your skin fresh and healthy, but above all, are a pleasure to use.

Tocopherol component of natural milk has excellent anti-oxidative effects that will enhance elasticity, natural jojoba oil will also keep your skin moist and supple.

This is the product displayed in their website, 4+2(free)  as it is a new product but I got eight for the same price I supposed.

When we arrived home the big bear is still angry asking me why I need soap when he already bought the Dove Moisture Body wash for me, I answered its different.  Explain it to me why it is different, lol if I could just answer its liquid and that is solid that time for sure he is going to be more angry  to me for being an ultimate pasaway. Well I just let him speak he said its the same, its the same soap there’s one role to make you clean and smell good.

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