Adidas Vanquish 4M

When we went to Seoul last July to pay the travel agency and to submit my husband’s passport for his Mongolian visa, we bought pair of shoes for him. Even he is kinda lazy to look around he has no choice but to walk with me to find the best deal of shoes.

And we found one in Foot Lucker they’re on sale, a pair of Adidas shoes, but in order to make sure that there’s no more cheap deals like this we walk  a little farther but we still end up in the shoe shop.


According to what I read the Adidas Vanquish 4M   are running shoes designed for the average runner looking to push themselves to new heights in running,  featuring nylon mesh upper with overlap for support. Injected EVA midsole for long term lightweight cushioning. AdiWear outsole for durability and dependable traction.



  • Air mesh upper
  • adiPRENE forefoot
  • adiPRENE heel
  • Midfoot 3-D TORSION SYSTEM
  • Pro-Moderator medial support device
  • adiWEAR outsole

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Looking for the best bag

I am looking for the best shoulder bag for me as my one and only bag is a backpack. There are times I need a shoulder bag when I only need to carry something smaller and depends on my clothes. My last shoulder bag was thrown by my husband when we left Seoul as it is already old and torn.


The other week my sister show me picture of her bags and asked me to pick one for myself so they can  add it to the things they’re going to send me when I have enough money for the postal. I chose the bag in the front, maroon in color.

Old collections and fashion

I am kind of  fashionista during my last two years in college, that was the time I am full blown lady err what I mean a bloomer. , because if you don’t know yet during my younger years I am boyish. I don’t know but maybe my mother is proud of me so she showered me things abundantly, so don’t blame me if I love purchasing and collecting stuff right now because I guess the photo below is one evidence of my addiction.


We are not rich it just happened that my mother is a dealer of this brand and I helped her by selling items to my schoolmates so expect seeing me at school with brochures instead of books. With this it makes my clothes made from Natasha, MSE, Sundance and Fashion Exchange.


Well if I have clothes I have bags too to much my outfit its either from Avon, MSE or Natasha. Most of my high heeled sandals and shoes are MSE and most of my kikay accessories are from Avon and Fuller life.


My shoe rack, kinda messy huh?  My notes and photocopies , dirty clothes and etc., I am cleaning my room when I took this photo, as you can see there’ box below the dirty clothes net.


I missed those old days, walking in the school pathway with my 2.5 or 3 inches pointed sandals in my skirt and blouse, with my little bag and on fashion accessories. I feel so confident that time with my friends, especially when some schoolmates approached me with admiration.

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