Airsoft Gear Basics

Airsoft has become more than just a hobby for weekend warriors. It’s a subculture that allows civilians to be a part of realistic military simulations that are enjoyable to enact. Airsoft battles also provide practice for active military and law enforcement personnel to sharpen their military strategy and training.

An important element before you even begin to discuss tactics and maneuvers is safety and protection. Learning proper rifle handling is essential, but even the most well-trained combatant can become injured; those little pellets sting exposed skin and can cause permanent damage to eyes.

Eye Wear

The most basic first line of protection is proper eye wear. Sunglasses and prescription glasses aren’t made to withstand the impact of an airsoft bb or a paint pellet. Although they’re non-metallic and non-lethal, airsoft pellets are still fired at high-velocity. Minimally, you should acquire goggles or glasses that are made especially for airsoft battles and that meet ASNI standards and guidelines for safety.

Airsoft Gear

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Head Gear

Basic helmets that are made especially for airsoft play offer head protection and provide a more military look and feel. They’re relatively light and don’t impede vision or head movement. There are also full face masks and helmets that are similar to those worn by motorcyclists for more strenuous action. Some of them also have visors attached that block UV rays and offer clearer vision in direct sunlight. However, they can become a little cumbersome when speed and agility are needed over stealth.

Body Protection

Unless you or your team are training for a specific event, long-sleeved shirts and full-length pants offer adequate protection for limbs, without hampering movement. The clothes should be fitted without being restrictive. Shorts, t-shirts and loose clothing should be avoided. There are also thicker jackets and replica uniforms that look authentic and are created especially for airsoft teams. Gloves are good for protecting your hands and fingers from pellets and from scrapes and cuts in rough terrain.

Military and law enforcement personnel who use airsoft for training purposes can purchase body armor and other accessories that allow them to get use to the bulk and weight of such garments before they need to wear them in a real world scenario.

To top off your team uniform, you can find custom airsoft patches from manufacturers that specialize in producing such items. Accoutrements like customized patches can make your team uniform look more authentic and lend realism to your airsoft play.

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Buy that Perfect Chocolate Diamond Jewelry

One of the most popular jewelry items on the market today is jewelries made of chocolate diamonds because the chocolate coloring is rare and unique. These jewelries are made of brown diamond and chocolate typically refers to the diamonds that have a rich, dark brown color.

Chocolate Diamond Jewelries

If you’re thinking about buying a gift for your special someone this coming Valentine’s Day jewelries made of chocolate diamonds is the perfect gift,  they can be purchased for engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, or necklaces.

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Luxurious Cashmere Blankets

Few things are as luxurious as a blanket made of cashmere. Cashmere is made of the underwool of a goat that’s native to Kashmir. The blanket from this wool is inexpressibly soft and downy. Cashmere blankets are pricey, but they’re well worth the cost.

Blankets made from cashmere can be found at vendors like The Cashmere Shop. The best way to take care of blankets is to prevent damage to them in the first place. This means that they should be stored with cedar balls or lavender bottles, which will dissuade clothes moths. A cashmere blanket is best hand washed as opposed to placed in the washing machine. To clean a cashmere blanket by hand, the homeowner should:

  • Take the blanket outside and shake it out to dislodge dirt and dust.
  • Make sure that it’s colorfast.
  • Fill a tub with cool water and detergent made for cashmere. Make sure that the water is cool because hot water will cause the blanket to shrink. Put the blanket in the tub and gently agitate it. Drain, press out any suds from the blanket then rinse with several rinses of cool water until the water runs clear.
  • Gently wring the water out of the blanket and roll it up in towels. Change the wet towels for dry ones until the blanket is dry. Then, lay the blanket on dry towels. The blanket shouldn’t be hung or it may lose its shape.

This handling should allow the blanket to keep its beauty and softness for years to come.

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