ON: The Body Soap (Secret Perfume and Lovely Perfume)

One of my recent purchase online is sets of body soaps. They are on sale online for ₩6, 900 per 10 body soaps so I bought 20 soaps, they are perfect as a gift/pasalubong to my relatives.

ON: The Body Soap (Secret Perfume and Lovely Perfume)

I love using ON: The Body soaps because they are smooth and smells good in the skin.

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On Buying Knobs and Handles

When it comes to cabinets and door knobs there is a near endless selection of styles and prices to choose from and the best place to find the largest selection of knobs and pulls is on the Internet. You also will be able to buy them at discount prices.

There are different types of knobs and types of grips  according to usage, so when you buy the knobs for your door or kitchen cabinets you should decide what is the best design you would like to purchase.  When my family bought handle for our front door, I instructed them to buy one with two locks and with a good design.

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Shopping for Korean Souvenir T-Shirts

A week ago I went to Itaewon to shop for souvenirs after working with my visa application my mother and sister asked me to buy some poster of their favorite Korean actors and some t-shirts. The shirt is a bit expensive, they cost $9.20 each, I bought 6 of them.

Korean Souvenir T-shirts

When my family saw the shirts through Facebook photos they like all of them so when I went to Itaewon again, I bought two other shirts, this time from different seller and I was surprised that the price was a bit lower, it was sold for $8.27  and the seller even give me a discount for $7.35. Despite the discount I still pay $8.27 for each because I believed grandpa needs the money more than me.

Korean Souvenir Shirts

The shirts are lovely, isn’t it? I’d like to buy more in the future if money permits me.

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