Get the Money You Deserve From your Redundancy!

Redundancy is a word that most people fear, especially in a time in which finding a new position may not be as easy as it once was. Although there is generally some warning given to workers facing redundancy, it is quite often the case that those in senior management positions are released arbitrarily and with little warning. This more arbitrary dismissal is often accompanied by a larger package that is enough to prevent too much in the way of complaint.

Yet it is not a well-known fact that at whatever level you work, you are not obliged to take the first offer that is made to you. The first step should always be to take advice, as you will be in a better negotiating position if you know where you stand from a legal perspective. A directory of specialists is held by the Employment Lawyers Association, who will be able to direct you to a lawyer in your area who will talk you through your options.

Make a Noise

Although you may not be able to reverse the decision to make you redundant, the old maxim that the squeaky wheel gets the oil holds true. Being a pain in the managerial neck can really pay off, especially as all the time that you are using delaying tactics, you will still be receiving salary cheques. The longer it looks as if the management are going to have to keep you on whilst matters are dealt with through the correct channels, the more likely they are to increase your offer, just to get you out of the way! Of course, you must be prepared to accept that they could offer to keep you on after all on the same terms, or may offer you alternative employment.

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Protect Your Options

A lot of management positions come with share options and these options can be forfeit if you leave the company for reasons other than redundancy, retirement, death or ill-health. It is not beyond some companies to accuse staff of poor performance in order to reduce the termination package and make them forfeit their share options. Challenging such as decision may help to preserve these options.

Redundancy does not have to be a harbinger of doom in the world of employment. Using some of these delaying tactics and ensuring that you receive a good offer and retain the benefits that you were entitled to can mean that you are in a comfortable position when your employment is finally ended. Many people have taken the opportunity to change careers at this time, particularly if there was something that they had always want to do but they could never afford the time to re-train. If you suspect that redundancy is being considered for your position, first seek legal advice and then work out exactly what it is you wish to achieve in the future. It could turn out to be the best thing that has ever happened to you.

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Buy a Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller

There are times that bringing your kids for walk in the park is very stressful especially if both of them are too young to walk. You can carry one of them while pushing one in the stroller but don’t you think it is too hard to do while you are also carrying a baby bag?

Stroller, Baby, Girl, Baby Shower, Newborn, Family

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Well you should consider buying a quality and reliable stroller like bumbleride indie twin stroller, it has many different features and easy to use and can accommodate two kids at one time. This is also stylish, light weight, easy to fold and can provide smooth ride because this is built to fit multi-terrain.

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Wonderful Ways to Shop for Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothing has taken massive strides forward in the past ten years. This could have something to do with the fact that fashion itself has taken massive leaps for mankind as the decades progress. The entire world is grateful that the running shorts that were popular for men in the 80’s are no longer in fashion. They say everything comes back around, but the mullet tried to come back in 2015 and that one got the cut really quickly, thank the fashion gods.

With this being said, pregnancy used to be a fashion disaster for women everywhere. Short waisted shirts suddenly become even shorter waisted when the belly grew and the high waisted jeans didn’t fit around the mass growing in the abdomen.

Pregnant Woman Wearing Marled Gray Sweater Touching Her Stomach

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Thankfully today, the fashions have stayed on the soft and flowy side. Relaxed, or even nonexistent waistlines present in tunics popular today are great for pregnant women when paired with a great pair of leggings. Comfort is king, and the more fabric that is involved, the better. If you’re pregnant and not sure where to start looking to fill out your dwindling wardrobe, here are some ways to find what you’re looking for:

Take to the Internet

When you’re expecting and the last thing you want to do is walk around a mall to find clothes you’ll probably end up feeling fat in anyways, the internet is your best friend and your greatest resource.

If you have a love for empire waists and tops that flow out and extend past your behind, the internet will have a million options for you to choose from. It’s as easy as a search and the click of a button. The clothing will be delivered right to your door. The only thing you have to do is open the package and dawn your new, flattering and flowing ensemble.

Find an Exchange

Maternity clothing can tend to be expensive. There is a lot of fabric being used to cover a frankly large and growing surface area. Consider going to a clothing exchange to find new maternity clothing for this time in your life.

Women can only wear their clothes for a short amount of time before they grow out of it, so it’s a great idea to just keep the cycle going. Trade shirt for shirt, or you could simply buy an article of clothing that would normally be a size too big for you and allow yourself to grow into it. Whether you find a place that exclusively trades maternity clothes, or you make a habit of shopping second hand, you’ll feel less guilty about blowing through your clothes.

In any case, this is a monumental time of your life. You deserve to feel beautiful in the clothes you wear. Whether you shop online, in store, or second hand, this is your time to dress how you want and feel beautiful doing it. Happy shopping and may the shoe fit!

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