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Shopping for Second Hand Clothes

Online shopping is one of the things I have enjoyed the most but aside from it I also enjoyed shopping for second hand clothes, it all started when my mother brought me to a second hand shop when I am in need of shorts to wear at home. I have gained a lot of weight after living in abroad for many years and I can’t find the shorts I like for my size so we end up in the said shop.

Shopping for second hand clothes was big no for me before not just because they  have been wore by other people but because I find it embarrassing buying  clothes worn by other people.


Well, that was the old time.  Today, shopping for second hand clothes excites me a lot, finding and buying clothes that are good as new excites me and make me proud of buying them. I felt like I won a contest for able to buy them before other people could see them.

The other day, I immediately saw SALE sign in the second hand clothes shop we frequently visit. Blouses are on sale for as low as P10.00; it was really a good deal so before we do our purpose in town we dropped by at the shop and sweat ourselves looking for the clothes that will fit us. I am really in need of new clothes since the clothes I have previously bought are already too big for me, yeah right I lose a lot of weight in these past few months not just because of diet but because of personal problem as well.

Clothes Surplus Shop

We ended up buying a lot of blouses and shirts since they are pretty cheap, most of the clothes I bought are in dark color like black and dark blue, perfect for my not so happy feeling!

Oh well, losing weight is expensive not because of buying diet supplements just to lose some weight but because of buying new clothes to wear when you lose weight. Some of the clothes those are already too big for me to wear end up to my mother, grandmother and neighbour.

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Shopping for Vitamins at Lazada

Online shopping is one of the things I enjoy the most, searching for coupon codes and getting discounts as well as waiting for the things I bought online brought an excitement to me. It was been a long time since I do online shopping, that was the time I am still in Korea but afterwards never done it anymore.

Vitamin C and Calcium

The other day, I decided to look for vitamins online since the vitamins I brought home is already empty and they can’t be found in the town.  I successfully found them at Lazada PH in cheaper amount than the other online shops, so I decided to add them to my cart but when I was given a special coupon to use, I checkout and ordered them as cash on delivery.

Lazada is an online shopping portal in Philippines and I have been trusting Lazada since the day of successful deliveries of the item I have ordered online.  When they first launched their shopping portal, I was one of the bloggers who received a discount coupon enable to buy an item I like at their website in exchange of honest review.

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Shopping At The Mall

There are two kinds of people when it comes to shopping at a mall. Some of them like to spend hours looking through different stores, and there are those who like to shop now and get it over with instead of walking up and down every aisle in every store in a mall. Whether you like shopping or not, there are some benefits that you might not think about.

Shopping at the Mall

A mall is a place where anyone can go, so if you’re looking for somewhere your children can go to look at the items on store shelves, play in an arcade, watch a movie or just be with friends or family, then a mall is a good idea. You can meet other people while you are shopping who might be interested in some of the same things that you like. If you enjoy eating out, you can often find a food court or small store that sells a variety of foods while you are shopping. You can easily spend an entire day at a mall, getting your exercise while walking from one store to another. If you’re looking for a job, then there are several places where you can fill out an application. You won’t have to get inside and outside of the car when you shop at a mall as there are a variety of stores under one roof.

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