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On Sale: Nockers and Goya Chocolates

The other day when my mother and sister went to town to buy viand for lunch, they also brought few chocolates with them when they return home.  It turns out those chocolates are on sale, I am quite in disbelief because I seldom see stores in town that goes on sale.

Guess why the store is on sale? The second chocolate that is for free is near on expiring in few months and instead of throwing them when they expired, they put them on sale. Well I guess is not too bad, isn’t it?

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Tips for Saving While Shopping

Everybody tries to save money whenever they go shopping, but are you overlooking some basic money saving techniques? Here are some basic concepts that you need to add to your list of saving strategies:

Don’t Neglect Free

Sometimes we are so focused on trying to get a good price that we don’t consider the possibilities for getting the best price of all – free! It’s amazing how often people just give things away, and all you have to do is poke around on the community ad sites that cover your area. If it’s something you only need for a set period of time, can you borrow what you need from someone you know? Never purchase something unless you really have to.


Don’t Neglect Online

When we think of shopping, too often we think only of the stores where we live. How 1990’s! The world is your marketplace in the online world, so if you are not taking full advantage of your online reach it is time you started reaping the benefits. For an example of the cornucopia of online options that await you, click here.

Don’t Neglect Friends

Try thinking completely outside the Big Box and consider whether you can buy what you want from someone you know. They are likely to offer you a better price and be more responsive if you are not happy.

The more creatively you shop, the more successful you are likely to be in finding savings solutions that work.

Early Christmas Shopping

Shopping early this holiday season is a wise decision to avoid rush and to buy all the stuff you need without forgetting anything. It is so nice to just to sit and relax while everybody else is having Christmas rush.

Most stores are on holiday sale and you should take chances of this before products return to its original price or the holiday is over. Toys for kids like musical instruments, dolls, miniature vehicles and others are always in a good deal and buying a few extra is also a good idea, you can wrapped them during birthdays, surely a kid will appreciate it.