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Buying Wedding Accessories

One of my older cousin’s is set to wed next year but every one is already excited what to wear and where to find clothes,  clothes for the couple to be wed, wedding sponsors, accessories for the bride and groom like tuxedo accessories and much more.  Not sure if they already pick a theme for the wedding, it will be probably the favorite color of the bride like usually happens.

Wedding preparation is a tedious event, busy and full of excitement although it is one of the joyous event for couple and every body who are invited to celebrated, free food and drinks.

Buying Beads Online

Professional jewelers and those enjoy making jewelry as a hobby may find it convenient to shop at an online retailer that offers a variety of beads, findings and Swarovski elements. Shopping at a retailer that offers many supplies needing for making jewelry can save jewelry makers time. If they spend less time shopping, they have more time to make jewelry. Walter’s Beads is one of these online retailers.

People who want to make jewelry from gemstone beads can buy amethyst, onyx, garnet and peridot beads here.


Pearls are available in a variety of colors. Shoppers can choose white, black, pink, green or lavender. Coral beads come in red, black, pink or white. Green, pink and brown are some of the colors of tourmaline beads available here. Turquoise beads are available in several shades of blue or green.

Other beads sold here are made from bone, shell, glass and metal. Metal beads include beads made from sterling silver, copper and brass.

Earring posts, crimp beads, links and clasps are a few of the types of findings available here.

Swarovski elements sold by this retailer include pearls, crystal beads and rhinestone chains. White, cream, black and copper are a few of the pearl colors available. Crystal beads are available in pale shades of blue, amethyst and rose. Jewelry makers who want darker colors can buy crystal beads in black, emerald and sapphire.

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Colorful Souvenir Earrings in Turkey

We went to Bergama today and visited few sites like the Acropolis,  it was  a very hot day and luckily we hire a taxi to take us to the sites we want to visit.  When we are done taking photos and looking around in the Acropolis our taxi driver and his car is nowhere to be found so while waiting I decided to look around the souvenir shops and found colorful  handmade asian-style earrings that are good for souvenirs. It was sold for 4TL per piece but the store owner  offer a discount of 10TL for 3 pair of earrings so I decided to buy a set.

Turkey Souvenir Earrings

The earrings are  very attractive and colorful, I am not sure if they are made of copper or aluminium.

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