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Wonderful Ways to Shop for Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothing has taken massive strides forward in the past ten years. This could have something to do with the fact that fashion itself has taken massive leaps for mankind as the decades progress. The entire world is grateful that the running shorts that were popular for men in the 80’s are no longer in fashion. They say everything comes back around, but the mullet tried to come back in 2015 and that one got the cut really quickly, thank the fashion gods.

With this being said, pregnancy used to be a fashion disaster for women everywhere. Short waisted shirts suddenly become even shorter waisted when the belly grew and the high waisted jeans didn’t fit around the mass growing in the abdomen.

Pregnant Woman Wearing Marled Gray Sweater Touching Her Stomach

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Thankfully today, the fashions have stayed on the soft and flowy side. Relaxed, or even nonexistent waistlines present in tunics popular today are great for pregnant women when paired with a great pair of leggings. Comfort is king, and the more fabric that is involved, the better. If you’re pregnant and not sure where to start looking to fill out your dwindling wardrobe, here are some ways to find what you’re looking for:

Take to the Internet

When you’re expecting and the last thing you want to do is walk around a mall to find clothes you’ll probably end up feeling fat in anyways, the internet is your best friend and your greatest resource.

If you have a love for empire waists and tops that flow out and extend past your behind, the internet will have a million options for you to choose from. It’s as easy as a search and the click of a button. The clothing will be delivered right to your door. The only thing you have to do is open the package and dawn your new, flattering and flowing ensemble.

Find an Exchange

Maternity clothing can tend to be expensive. There is a lot of fabric being used to cover a frankly large and growing surface area. Consider going to a clothing exchange to find new maternity clothing for this time in your life.

Women can only wear their clothes for a short amount of time before they grow out of it, so it’s a great idea to just keep the cycle going. Trade shirt for shirt, or you could simply buy an article of clothing that would normally be a size too big for you and allow yourself to grow into it. Whether you find a place that exclusively trades maternity clothes, or you make a habit of shopping second hand, you’ll feel less guilty about blowing through your clothes.

In any case, this is a monumental time of your life. You deserve to feel beautiful in the clothes you wear. Whether you shop online, in store, or second hand, this is your time to dress how you want and feel beautiful doing it. Happy shopping and may the shoe fit!

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The Appeal Of Black Clothing

If you want to have a successful night on the town, you need a little black dress. If you plan to attend a black tie affair, you might need a black tie. Certain professions require black attire.

You don’t need to be part of the Goth subculture to wear black. People wear black clothing all of the time, some of them religiously, without the whole subculture thing. But why is it that black clothing has such an appeal to people?

It Makes You Look More Slender

Well, the truth is, it really only makes you look thinner in certain lighting situations. However, this tale has been told for so long that most people still follow this rule when they want to pretend to have dropped a few pounds.

That little black dress you wear to the club, however, can still have the illusion it makes you look a little more slender, so why not go with it?

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Less Dirt And Scuffs Show

When it comes to investing in a pair of black shoes, this color choice not only gives you a pair of shoes that will look good with almost anything, you’ll also see a lot less dirt than you would with a pair of white or lighter colored shoes. Sure, dried dirt is still going to show, but that’s a lot easier to deal with than black scuffs on white shoes!

Even on black clothing certain spills and stains can show a bit less than they do on lighter colors. It’s kind of like investing in camouflage for dirt.

It Goes With Everything

Probably one of the best benefits of owning a good deal of black clothing in your wardrobe is that it really does go with nearly everything. The biggest problem is black going with black, because of fading usually.

If you look at it this way:

  • You can wear any color of shirt with a pair of black pants.
  • You can happily wear a black shirt with any color of shorts or pants, even jeans.
  • Black shoes just don’t go good with shorts and white socks, but aside from that they are a great choice for any wardrobe.

Although, black clothing also has a downfall. If you aren’t washing and caring for your black attire properly it can quickly start to fade. People with a mostly black wardrobe know the struggles of having 50 shades of black, and not being able to match their black clothing.

Now, if you start adding black nail polish and black lipstick people might look at you funny and you’ll definitely start to fall into that Goth category. But hey, what fun is fashion if you can’t go a little crazy with it sometimes?!

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Shopping for Second Hand Clothes

Online shopping with my own money is one of the things I have enjoyed the most but aside from it I also enjoyed shopping for second hand clothes, it all started when my mother brought me to a second hand shop when I am in need of shorts to wear at home. I have gained a lot of weight after living in abroad for many years and I can’t find the shorts I like for my size so we end up in the said shop.

Shopping for second hand clothes was big no for me before not just because they  have been wore by other people but because I find it embarrassing buying  clothes worn by other people.


Well, that was the old time.  Today, shopping for second hand clothes excites me a lot, finding and buying clothes that are good as new excites me and make me proud of buying them. I felt like I won a contest for able to buy them before other people could see them.

The other day, I immediately saw SALE sign in the second hand clothes shop we frequently visit. Blouses are on sale for as low as Php10.00 ($0.22); it was really a good deal so before we do our purpose in town we dropped by at the shop and sweat ourselves looking for the clothes that will fit us. I am really in need of new clothes since the clothes I have previously bought are already too big for me, yeah right I lose a lot of weight in these past few months not just because of diet but because of personal problem as well.

Clothes Surplus Shop

We ended up buying a lot of blouses and shirts since they are pretty cheap, most of the clothes I bought are in dark color like black and dark blue, perfect for my not so happy feeling!

Oh well, losing weight is expensive not because of buying diet supplements just to lose some weight but because of buying new clothes to wear when you lose weight. Some of the clothes those are already too big for me to wear end up to my mother, grandmother and neighbour.

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