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Colorful Floral Dress

Floral and Maxi dress was on trend among women, you can find a lot of floral dresses on stores and boutiques. As summer is fast approaching floral dress will make it toll again, while browsing some clothes online I found this colorful floral dress on light colors. At first glance it looks like a curtain or a lollipop in colorful flavors.

Floral Dress

I think this floral dress is perfect to women with flair complexion matched with high heels and a pair of summer sunglasses.

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Post Punk and Today’s Punk

Fashion trends come and go. What was once considered hot soon comes around; however, they say that true classics never die. Punk clothing has a distinct look. It’s rough, yet polished. The young may not associate post punk of the 70’s and 80’s with the punk that is heard today, but that is when punk made its mark. Much of the music used sounds from different genres, but it was unique in its own right. It gave rise to what is considered Alternative today. Bands like Joy Division, Wire, The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees paved the way for what is listened to today. These bands made a fashion statement as well.

men’s leather jacketsBoth punk music and style of clothing was specific, and it still is. The style of clothing in that time was androgynous. Men and women wore heavy makeup. It’s more common to see various hair colors today; however, the haircuts were largely the same. The infamous hairdo worn by Brian Smith of The Cure made a recent comeback and the recent female fauxhawk phenomenon that could be first seen by Annabella Lwin, and others, of Bow Wow Wow. Bands that were around in the 70’s and 80’s wore tight tattered clothing. However, it was common for some bands to wear suits. Black has always been associated with punk; although, leather is more common today.

When punk first came out, people had to make their own clothing. Some things could be bought from thrift stores; however, much of what was worn had to torn and tattered. Patches and other accessories were sewn on. Today, several stores offer punk clothing. Punk jackets and other gear can be found easily.

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Shopping in a Thrift Store

Shopping for second hand clothes is very economical decision if you are cutting your budgets to expenses that you really don’t need too often.  Since my mother discovers the joy of shopping in a thrift store, she occasionally visits when the shop is on sale to look around for cheap clothes that are still in good condition.

One day, while we are in town we stopped by at the thrift just to check what’s on sale or if they have still items that could fit our taste.  I look around and found shorts on my liking, I have no decent clothes left since most of my clothes are already too small for me, and they already hand down to my younger sister.  I was tempted to buy few pair of shorts, they are way better than buying new shorts that are made of cheap fabric.

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