Top 5 Android Apps For Finance You Must Have

Sometimes it is really hard to keep track of everything we spend our money on – we pay bills and taxes, make impulsive and non impulsive purchases in the supermarket and shop online for music and software. It is really easy to get lost among all those numbers in the hectic world we live in. In this article, we will try to present you with a list of Android apps which can help you deal with this problem and let you focus on more important things in life.


Pageonce is a great money management app which saves you from all the complexity and the fuss of dealing with your expenses. It is a sort of a hub for your money transactions and monthly statements, giving you an easy way to pay all your bills from one, centralized place. Pageonce will also remind you about bills which are due to be paid and even attract your attention to certain transactions on your bank account which the app considers suspicious.

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Checkbox by Digital Life Solutions

The main purpose of this app is to give you confidence in dealing with your purchases and credit card limits. Much like the real-world checkbox, this virtual version helps you manage your purchase history in such a way that you can prevent yourself from exceeding the limit on your account. It will always remind you to deduct your purchases from your account balance – even if the bank statement is late with showing you the real amount of money left for you to spend, you will know where you stand with the help of this awesome app.

Expense Manager by Bishinews

Expense Manager does what it claims to do – it helps you control and organize your everyday expenses, as well as your earnings. Supporting multiple accounts and currencies, this neat little app will make it easy for you to track how much you spent every week, month or year. Receive notifications on payments which are due, view your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly budget and manage recurring payments – all from this highly customizable app. There’s also a couple of extras: a currency converter, credit card and tip calculator and more. Personal Finance

Among the best apps of 2012 according to Google Play, Mint is one of the easiest and most intuitive apps which helps you manage your personal finances. After you make your account and securely connect your bank accounts to it, Mint will take over and automatically organize your budget so that it suits your particular needs. You will have access to your Mint account even if you don’t have your phone with you, because it synchronizes all the data with

EasyMoney Expense Manager

Another in the list of expense manager apps, EasyMoney lets you control all sorts of expenses – money you spend for your travels, shopping and other business and personal purposes. It also lets you calculate your budget for a certain time period and then uses colorful user interface to let you know when you are about to exceed the limits of the budget. EasyMoney also possesses an integrated checkbook manager which helps you not exceed your credit card limit and always be in control of your bank account.

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Shopping Around for the Best Retirement Fund

When it comes to your finances, there are many financial products you might shop around for. Instead of just choosing the first option you see, you should put lots of thought into which is best for you. There are several types of retirement fund you could open. And there are various ways to make investments. You need to pick the one that will help you save as sensibly as you can for your retirement. After choosing what type of retirement fund you want, you need to look at different products. Read on to find out where to start.

Understand Different Types of Fund

Before you start looking at retirement funds, you should understand the types of fund available. For example, you might decide to make contributions to a 401(k). You could also get an individual retirement account (IRA) or a 529 plan. Within the different types of plan, there are further choices to make. You might qualify for a traditional 401(k) or a Roth 401(k), and the same goes for IRAs. Another option to consider is a self directed IRA. It gives you more control over your retirement account. You should make sure you understand which options you have available before you decide which is right for you.

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Comparing Available Funds

To choose the best retirement fund for you, you need to be able to compare your options. It’s important to know what you should be comparing to determine the right choice. One of the things you should consider is the fees that different accounts will charge. Some will have lower fees than others. Another thing to think about is whether your employer is willing to match the contributions you make to your retirement fund. You should also check when you will be able to access your funds. If there’s an emergency and the only money you have is in your retirement account, can you access it?

Deciding on One or More Funds

You don’t have to have only one retirement fund. There is always a possibility to split your contributions between two or three accounts. However, before deciding to do this, there are some important factors to consider. For example, is it worth paying fees on three separate accounts? If you can only contribute a small amount to your fund, you might not be able to afford to have more than one account. In that case, you need to decide on one that will work for you.

Talking to a Financial Advisor

If you’re unsure about what sort of retirement account to choose, speaking to a financial advisor can help you. Of course, then you need to go shopping for an advisor. The best place to start is always with friends, family and professional people you know. You can ask them for recommendations if they have used anyone in the past. You can also use financial organizations to help you find someone.

You have to compare retirement funds just like any product. Don’t invest in one until you’re sure it’s right for you.

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5 Reasons to Shop For Father’s Day Online

Buying a gift for dad may be one of the most challenging things you have to do this month. Finding exactly the right gift to say “thank you” without breaking the budget can be complicated; not to mention the fact that you have to face busy shopping malls and stores to get it. What if the process of shopping for dad could be simplified?

Fortunately, the internet has stepped in to save the day when it comes to holiday shopping. Forget spending time in long lines, wondering about a product’s durability, or overpaying for an item; shopping online can offer you the best of all shopping experiences. Included here are a few reasons you should shop for dad online today.


Nobody likes changing out of their pajamas to go to the store and stand in lines. Wandering between aisles under rows of fluorescent lights can take the holiday cheer out of anyone. Settling in on your couch with a laptop is the best way to shop for dad. You have a multitude of stores and items at your fingertips without having to drive around.

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Access to Reviews

Have you ever looked at an item in a store and wondered if it really held up as well as it promised? When online shopping, you don’t have to wonder! The internet gives you access to thousands of online reviews of products, so you can know within seconds whether the item you are purchasing is going to perform.

Compare Pricing

Trusting that a store is really saving you money on an item can be hit or miss. Yes, the item is marked down $20 from their original price, but what if their original price is $30 over what it’s worth elsewhere? Shopping online eliminates all of the price haggle with a business. Simply search for the item online and you will come up with dozens of stores offering the item with different prices.

Google Shopping allows you to see hundreds of different products, sorted by price, relevance, and popularity. Simply type in the name of your item on Google and you can, figuratively, travel to hundreds of different stores within seconds, allowing you to find the best quality product for the lowest price.

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Better Stock and Wider Selection

Is your dad one of those poor unfortunate souls who wears a size 15 shoe? Most stores will only carry shoes up to a size 13, so you have to resort to special ordering. Ordering online is almost always faster than special ordering at a store, and you may be able to choose from a wider variety of styles. Shopping online allows you to avoid the “out of stock” problem in stores and choose from a greater array of possibilities.

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